W5 - Engineering and Technology

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Engineering and Technology

Choose an area from within Engineering and Technology 

Each area is represented by a printable front page which:

  • describes briefly what people working in this area do
  • gives names and addresses, telephone and website information, on leading organisations in the area
  • provides a link to the organisations’ websites (with appropriate navigation information)
  • links to UCAS and other sites for information on courses in the area
  • lists sites of other organisations (with links) that might provide further useful information


Construction (including Architecture)

Construction involves building, maintaining or refurbishing structures including houses, offices, factories, roads, bridges, tunnels and harbours. Architects are involved with the design and construction of new buildings and their environment, and the restoration and conservation of older buildings. They are also involved in urban and...


Engineering includes design, development and construction in a range of contexts, including: aeronautical, agricultural, chemical, civil, electrical, electronic, energy, environmental, ergonomic, marine, mechanical, mining, nuclear, and structural. Design, an essential part of engineering, is concerned with both how things work and how they...

Laboratory Science & Technology

Laboratory technicians do practical work associated with research and development, analysis and measurement, and education in a wide range of sciences, including acoustics and sound, astronomy, analytical chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, biotechnology, ecology, electronics and electricity, food science, forensic science, genetics, geology...


Manufacturing industries include aerospace, biotechnology, ceramics, chemicals, electricity and electronics, energy, food and drink, furniture, glass, metals, minerals, packaging, paper and printing, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, textiles and clothing, timber and vehicles. Assemblers fit together partly completed items to make a final...