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Forensic Science and Technology

In forensic science and technology a range of techniques is used to make detailed examinations of materials related to a crime.  These include: chromatography, DNA profiling, electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, photography and spectrophotometry. 

Forensic scientists and technologists are mainly involved in investigating traces of material connected with a crime.  The results of these investigations may then be used as evidence in a court.  Their expertise may come from a range of sciences including biochemistry, metallurgy, pathology and physics.


For further information please see:


Forensic Science Society   

Clarke House    18a Mount Parade     Harrogate     HG1 1BX
Tel:  01423 506 068      Fax:  01423 566 391
Website:  www.forensic-science-society.org.uk - Choose information then careers

Forensic Science Northern Ireland

151 Belfast Road   Carrickfergus   BT38 8PL
Tel: 028 9036 1888     Fax: 028 9036 1900     Email: forensic.science@fsni.gov.uk
Website: www.fsni.gov.uk - Choose careers 

General information on Northern Ireland based careers can be found on www.careersserviceni.com - Choose explore careers

Courses in forensic science and technology are available at a number of higher education institutions.  Please see the UCAS site www.ucas.ac.uk for more information - Choose students then courses.


Other Useful Websites:

Forensic Science Servicewww.forensic.gov.uk - Choose a link under careers 
Local Government Careerswww.lgcareers.com - Key in forensic to career description search