W5 - Mathematics and Physical Sciences

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Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Choose an area from within Mathematics and Physical Sciences 

Each area is represented by a printable front page which:

  • describes briefly what people working in this area do
  •  gives names and addresses, telephone and website information, on leading organisations in the area
  • provides a link to the organisations’ websites (with appropriate navigation information)
  • links to UCAS and other sites for information on courses in the area
  • lists sites of other organisations (with links) that might provide further useful information


Chemistry & Pharmacy

In chemistry a range of techniques is used to investigate the elements of which bodies are composed, the combination of these elements, and the reaction of chemical compounds with each other. Inorganic chemistry deals mainly with mineral substances, organic chemistry with animal and vegetable substances. Pharmacy is the art and...

Earth Sciences

Earth science or geology is the area of science which involves the study of the physical history of the Earth. What happens to This history is influenced by changes that occur over time deep inside it: these are recorded in the rocks which make up the Earth’s crust, like granite and slate, and natural non-living solid material found...


Engineering includes design, development and construction in a range of contexts, including: aeronautical, agricultural, chemical, civil, electrical, electronic, energy, environmental, ergonomic, marine, mechanical, mining, nuclear, and structural. Design, an essential part of engineering, is concerned with both how things work and how they...

Information & Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has developed through digitising data, and bringing computing and communication together in the same environment. ICT is widely used in financial management, design, stock control, sales, marketing, education and training, project management and communication. Database Administrators...

Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematicians are mainly employed in teaching, statistical work, research and development, some aspects of engineering, computing and actuarial work. Statisticians are employed in a wide range of contexts: providing information on population trends, helping medical research evaluate treatments and medicines, assessing industrial...


Physics explores questions like: How did the universe start? How will it end? What is a black hole? Is time travel possible? Physics is the foundation of most modern technologies. About one third of all physicists work in public service industries, one third in private industry, and one third in secondary and higher...