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Chemistry & Pharmacy

In chemistry a range of techniques is used to investigate the elements of which bodies are composed, the combination of these elements, and the reaction of chemical compounds with each other. 

Inorganic chemistry deals mainly with mineral substances, organic chemistry with animal and vegetable substances. 

Pharmacy is the art and technology of preparing, compounding and dispensing chemicals, especially for medicinal purposes.
Chemists work mainly in research and development, production, and control of processes and quality, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  They may also be involved in sales, teaching and information science. 

Community pharmacists work in retail shops and other outlets. 

Hospital pharmacists work directly with patients and health care professionals to ensure that patients get appropriate treatment. 

Industrial pharmacists are employed by pharmaceutical and veterinary product manufacturers in research and development, in providing medical information, and in developing and trialling new medicines. 

Medicine counter assistants sell medicines and advise customers. 

Pharmacy technicians / dispensary assistants prepare and dispense medicines under the supervision of a pharmacist.


For further information please see:

Royal Society of Chemistry 

Burlington House     Piccadilly     London     W1J 0BA
Tel:  020 7440 3344      Fax:  020 7287 9825      Email:  education@rsc.org
Website:  http://www.rsc.org/careers/future/ or faces of chemistry at http://www.rsc.org/learn-chemistry/collections/faces-of-chemistry

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

12 Whitehall   London   SW1A 2DY
Tel:  020 7930 3477      Fax:  020 7747 1411      Email: abpischools@abpi.org.uk
Website:  www.abpi-careers.org.uk   (careers website)  

General information on Northern Ireland based careers can be found on www.careersserviceni.com - Choose explore careers.

Courses in chemistry, pharmacy and associated areas, are available at a number of higher education institutions.  Please see the UCAS site www.ucas.ac.uk for more information - Choose students then courses.

For information on modern apprenticeships, see the Engineering Training Council (Northern Ireland) site www.etcni.org.uk - Choose careers then modern apprenticeships.


Other Useful Websites:

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