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Earth Sciences

Earth science or geology is the area of science which involves the study of the physical history of the Earth.  What happens to This history is influenced by changes that occur over time deep inside it: these are recorded in the rocks which make up the Earth’s crust, like granite and slate, and natural non-living solid material found near its surface. 

Archaeologists study human behaviour and development through material remains from microorganisms to buried sites of human occupation. 

Cartographers are employed, mainly by departments within the Civil Service like Ordnance Survey, to develop charts and maps. 

Geologists use their knowledge and skills, together with modern equipment, to increase our understanding of the Earth and to develop its resources in an environmentally acceptable way. 

Geophysicists use skills and instruments to understand and predict Earth movements related to volcanoes and earthquakes. 

Meteorologists study the atmosphere and its interaction with the Earth’s surface, particularly in relation to weather and climate.

Climatologists study long term interactions between weather and the environment. 

Oceanographers study the Earth’s oceans, and usually specialise in one of the main sciences: biology (marine biologists), chemistry (marine chemists), geology (marine geologists), or physics (marine geophysicists).


For further information please see:


Royal Meteorological Society  

104 Oxford Road   Reading   RG1 7LL
Tel: 0118 956 8500     Fax: 0118 956 8571     Email execdir@rmets.org
Website: www.rmets.org - Choose education then index then careers in meteorology

General information on Northern Ireland based careers can be found on www.careersserviceni.com - Choose explore careers

Courses in earth sciences are available at a number of higher education institutions.  Please see the UCAS site www.ucas.ac.uk for more information - Choose students then courses

 For information on modern apprenticeships, see the Engineering Training Council (Northern Ireland) site www.etcni.org.uk - Choose careers then modern apprenticeships.


Other Useful Websites:

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