W5 - Foundation Level (5 - 6 years)

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Foundation Level (5 - 6 years)

* All foundation workshops last 50 minutes


Making Sense

Through a variety of games and activities pupils must work together to explore their five senses. They finish by creating their very own senses-themed bookmark. P1, P2


Sounds Like Music (F)

Children make and respond to music and sound. Through various activities they develop an awareness of volume, pitch and dynamics. They also find out what sound really is and work together to produce and perform their own animal-sounds song. P1, P2


The Measure of Materials

These fun, hands-on problem-solving activities allow pupils to discover the different properties of a range of materials and then, after a few simple tests, choose the material that is fit for the job. P1 - P3


Look at Light (F)

In this colourful workshop pupils create rainbows and shadows, find out where light comes from and how it can keep us safe. To finish, they’ll create their very own reflector to take home. P1, P2