W5 - Key Stage 1 (7 - 8 years)

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Key Stage 1 (7 - 8 years)

* All KS1 workshops last 50 minutes


The Measure of Materials

These fun, hands-on problem-solving activities allow pupils to discover the different properties of a range of materials and then, after a few simple tests, choose the material that is fit for the job. (P1 - P3)


Busy Builders

In this fun workshop pupils investigate different structures and how they are made. They look at buildings, towers and bridges and the materials used to construct them. To finish, the mini engineers compete in teams to build the best tower in the shortest time. P3, P4


Look at Light 1 

A wonderful workshop that allows pupils to explore light, shadows and reflection. They investigate colours, the rainbow and how light and colour are used to keep us safe. P1, P2


Toying with Forces

Using a variety of toys and magnets, pupils explore the effects of pushes and pulls. They finish by making their own fridge magnet to take home, or back to school for further investigations. P3, P4


Destination Space 1

This interactive, show-style workshop will introduce young pupils to space travel, the ISS and the work of astronaut Tim Peake. We’ll listen to video advice from mission control, launch a mini rocket and through a series of simple challenges test various materials for use in space. To finish pupils will simulate a spacewalk, fixing a problem on the space station before returning to earth with a bump.