W5 - Key Stage 2 (9 - 11 years)

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Key Stage 2 (9 - 11 years)

* All KS2 workshops last 50 minutes unless otherwise stated

The Sound of Circuits

Discover how electricity can be used to make music and sound using the fabulous Ototo synthesizer; a circuit board synthesizer that lets you make music with almost anything! As well as learning the basics of electric circuits and building some really cool circuit boards, pupils team up to finally create some music by building their very own electronic musical instrument. P5 - P7


Generation Station

Building large model wind turbines pupils charge a battery and race a vehicle against their class mates. They’ll also learn about energy – what it is, how much we use and where it comes from.  Teamwork and communication are tested again as they investigate the optimum turbine for W5’s windy weather conditions. P6, P7


Rollercoaster Racers

In teams students work together engineering the ultimate rollercoaster in this fun, hands-on workshop. After first earning the equipment they need with a series of small construction-themed challenges they must construct and test a marble run rollercoaster with all the characteristics that will make it an irresistible ride – thrills, duration and speed! P5 - P7


Anatomation 2

In this workshop pupils develop a better understanding of the human skeleton and how we move by using iPads and the latest software to create their own amazing character animation. This workshop supports the task requirements for the Primary ICT Accreditation Scheme level 3/4. For more information feel free to contact a member of our Education Team. P5 - P7, 90 mins.


Fit to Go

This workshop focuses on the major organs of the body and how lifestyle choices can affect health. Using practical applications of maths and measurement pupils put their bodies and brains to the test, exploring everything from heart rates to healthy eating and fitness. P5 - P7


Fizz, Bang, Pop!

Pupils experiment in a real science lab, developing skills in observation and investigation. They explore change brought about by heating, cooling and chemical reactions, deciding if these changes are reversible or irreversible. P5 - P7


Look at Light 2

Pupils explore shadows, the colours of the rainbow and how light travels through different materials. They also investigate reflection and make kaleidoscopes which they can take home and keep. P5 - P7


Forensic Workshop

Pupils undertake a crime investigation in the W5 lab using fingerprints, chromatography and fibre analysis to eliminate suspects. The workshop reinforces skills in investigative science including observation, recording, interpreting and evaluating results. P5 - P7


Marvellous Maths 2

This fun, dynamic workshop really brings maths to life. Working in small teams students use their skills to solve puzzles that test their knowledge of shapes, patterns and numbers. P6, P7, 90 mins.


Slime: Solid or Liquid?

This ever-popular workshop explores changes of state and the properties of solids and liquids through investigations and slimy demonstrations. Pupils finish by making their very own slime. P5 - P7


Storyboard Animation

This workshop helps to develop creative imagination and storytelling. Working in pairs, pupils are given characters and props with which they construct a storyboard. Using iPads they then animate, edit and share their finished creation. P5 - P7, 90 mins.


Technology Trials 2

Using K’NEX, pupils work in teams to design and construct a racing buggy. After a test-and-improve session the teams discuss the principles of fair testing before a race to find out who has built the ultimate machine. P5 - P7


Destination Space 2

This workshop focuses on some of the key skills needed to work in the space industry as an astronaut, a scientist or an engineer. After looking at how astronauts get off the ground pupils conduct a series of activities that explore the problems of living in space. To finish they can try on a replica of the Sokol suit as used by crew on the ISS. P5 - P7