W5 - Key Stage 3 (11 - 14 years)

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Key Stage 3 (11 - 14 years)

* All KS3 workshops last 50 minutes unless otherwise stated


Explore Your Universe 3 

In this workshops pupils discover the link between atoms and astrophysics. They simulate Brownian motion and learn about electrons using only balloons and paper. They also construct a simple telescope just like Galileo did and then split light and learn how understanding the spectrum helps us to explore the universe.


Anatomation 3

In this workshop pupils develop a better understanding of the human skeleton and how we move by using iPads and the latest software to create their own amazing animation. 90 mins.


Chemical Reactions 3

Pupils work in W5’s lab and explore a variety of reactions including combustion, neutralisation and oxidation. They must determine if the changes involved are physical or chemical. Years 9-10 only


Marvellous Maths 3

Working in small groups pupils must solve a series of practical challenges. The tasks will require problem solving within a range of mathematical skills including shape and space, measurement and processes. This hands-on workshop offers pupils an exciting opportunity to explore mathematics in a fun but challenging way. 90 mins.


Destination Space 3

This workshop acts as a simulated space mission aimed at training the next generation of astronauts and space scientists and will focus on some of the key skills required. After looking at the science of launching rockets students will control a robotic arm, design a circuit system for the ISS and investigate the right materials to deal with a CO₂ emergency on board. Pupils will also get the chance to try on a replica of the Sokol suit used by astronauts as they travel to and from the ISS.


Technology Trials 3

This is a fun workshop that develops teamwork and problem solving skills. Using K'Nex, pupils work in small teams to design and construct a racing buggy. After a test-and-improve session, the pupils carry out a fair test to find the ultimate machine. Highly competitive and fun!