W5 - Key Stage 4 (14 - 16 years)

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Key Stage 4 (14 - 16 years)

* All KS4 workshops last 50 minutes unless otherwise stated


Explore Your Universe 4

Pupils will follow the line of discovery that takes us from inside the atom to the edge of the universe – and back again. They will learn about electrons with a Van de Graaf generator, build a simple telescope, attempt to split light and finish by learning, hands-on, how the Large Hadron Collider works and what it does. 90 mins.


Anatomation 4

In this workshop pupils develop a better understanding of the human skeleton and movement by using iPads and the latest software to create their own amazing animation. 90 mins.


Chemical Reactions 4

Pupils work in W5’s lab and explore a variety of reactions including combustion, neutralisation and oxidation. They must determine if the changes involved are physical or chemical. Year 11 only


Technology Trials 4

This is a fun workshop that develops teamwork and problem solving skills. Using K’Nex, pupils work in small teams to design and construct a racing buggy. After a test-and-improve session, the pupils carry out a fair test to find the ultimate machine. Highly competitive and fun!


Lego Green City Challenge

This innovative workshop helps pupils to use their ICT skills in a fun and practical way. They learn about renewable energy by programming a LEGO® NXT robot to solve a series of missions. Before time runs out they must also work as a team to create the perfect ‘green’ city. Maximum 16 pupils per workshop. 90 mins.