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Lecture Theatre shows

Lecture theatre shows for groups of 100+

For large groups we can also offer 50-minute lecture theatre shows on a range of topics. Prices start at £4.50 per pupil including admission and the opportunity to visit our exhibition floors. Discounts may apply.

Science Magic (ages 4-11)

An entertaining and very interactive 50-minute show which looks at the forces and chemical reactions behind magic tricks, including Newton's Laws of Motion, acid-base reactions, and gyroscopic force. With a little scientific role play we'll also discover (with the help of a chicken!) why the moon stays in the sky and then throw in some rocket science to boot! Especially suitable for KS2, but can be tailored for older or younger audiences.

The Trouble with Titanic (ages 9-12)

The Titanic was a very famous ship, but for all the wrong reasons. What went so wrong on the Titanic’s maiden voyage that made such a supposedly safe trip into one of the most infamous maritime disasters ever? Let us explain in this interactive science show that explores why things float or sink, the special design behind the Titanic and what happened on that night to remember in 1912 when it struck the iceberg. Does that float your boat?

The Really Cool Show (ages 9-12)

Take a deep breath and come with us on a journey to the nether world of low temperature as we discover just how low we can go with a series of demos so cool, they're absolutely freezing! By exploiting the laws that govern liquids and gases we can make a kettle boil at room temperature or shrink a balloon then watch it expand till it almost goes pop. And as if that's not enough, we can also touch a cloud and hammer a bendy Blu-Tack nail into solid wood! Oh, and finally, but strictly for fun, you can meet the W5 Bubble Monster while enjoying our exquisite and oh-so scientifically created ice cream! Cool or what?

Force of Course (ages 12-14)

Let us help you explore Newton’s Three Laws of Motion with this show using simple items like balloons, footballs and cat flaps, as well as some really high-tech gadgetry! You might be surprised at how easy and fun it is to understand something that sounds difficult at first!

Sound’s Interesting (ages 12-14)

Open your ears and discover the science behind sound. Investigate pitch, how sounds are made and how they travel. Then close your eyes and be transported to Australia by the weird sound of the didgeridoo. In this show we’ll also use technology to transform your voice into that of a chipmunk or even a monster! We will also show you how the principles behind how musical instruments work can be devastating!

For more information or to check availability contact our bookings department by calling 028 90467700 and select option 2.