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For the last six months our virtual reality dinosaurs have been amazing and entertaining visitors in our Augmented Reality exhibit. But now the dinosaurs are returning to the mists of time, only to be replaced by some really wild encounters. From April 1st our augmented reality technology will transport visitors to a range of exotic locales to meet some incredible (virtual) animals. Relax by a watering hole as elephants, rhinos and giraffes stop by for a drink. Chill out on the ice and meet polar bears, penguins and seals or stand at the oceans edge and watch as dolphins and whales swim by! See yourself on the big screen with an amazing array of wild creatures!
Augmented Reality, or AR, is the amazing new technology that superimposes computer-generated images onto our view of the real world. State of the art projection technology that puts you right at the centre of big screen action!
Going live 1 April 2017.