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Demos and Shows

W5 provides regular, interactive floorshows in the GO and SEE/DO areas. These fun, science-related demos take a closer look at a wide variety of topics. Below you can find short descriptions of some of the shows performed throughout the year, but check at the ticket desk on arrival for details of times and which shows will be appearing that day. Each show lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

  • Edible Explosions

    Detonate the idea of boring food with this ear-popping show. Discover the explosive science behind popcorn and learn different ways to blast the movie-goer´s favourite snack into a tasty nibble. You can even try some of our very own W5 popcorn popped before your very eyes.

  • Slime

    Slime may be icky and sticky but it’s something we use everyday. From ketchup to toothpaste its uses are diverse. W5 explores what exactly slime is (is it solid or is it liquid?) and how it responds in different ways depending on how we treat it. Get to grips with slime and you’ll never see it in the same icky, sticky way again.


  • Science of Spin

    We think spinning things are really...revolutionary. Objects that spin exhibit weird behaviours of their own, and in this show we can show you just how useful they can be!

  • Bikewheels and Broomsticks

    Things that are moving like to keep moving – things that are stationary like to stay stationary! With just a few simple tricks using everyday items we explore the science of motion. Be one of our volunteers, meet one of the greatest scientists who ever lived and discover the laws that govern the universe.

  • Freeze

    We have something really cool to show you...literally! This stuff is colder than the coldest place on Earth, in fact it's so cold that you would have to go as far away from the Sun as the planet Saturn to get this stuff occurring naturally! We can put things in it and freeze them instantly, we can use it to blow things up, to make ice cream and to make bubble monsters. Can you tell what it is yet?

  • Baking Blast

    Using chemicals you can find after a quick rummage in your cupboards, this show looks at the chemical reactions between acids and alkalis. Exploiting the secret that all bakers know, we create enough gas to blast our way to the ceiling. Like all great shows, this one’s as messy as they come!

  • The Trouble with Titanic

    Did you know that no-one said that they thought the Titanic was unsinkable until after it sank? In this informative yet fun show we will go through the science of what makes things float and sink, the special design of the Titanic and what happened on that Night to Remember in 1912 when it hit the iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic. As we all know, it was alright when it left here!

  • Sum Fun

    Think maths is boring? Think again! This show will introduce you to some of our top 5 favourite maths tricks, including Musical Maths, Water My Chances and The Magic Cow!

  • Sound's Interesting

    Open your ears and discover the science behind sound. Investigate pitch, how sounds are made and how they travel. Then close your eyes and be transported to Australia by the weird sound of the didgeridoo. We’ll even transform your voice from a squeaky chipmunk to a growling monster!

  • Forces of Flight

    Heard the one about the sheep, the duck and the rooster? Ever sat in a plane and wondered how such a massive and heavy object (with all your luggage onboard!) ever gets off the ground? This show, sponsored by Bombardier Aerospace, explains all. Learn the basic principles behind flight and how high and low pressure and fast moving air create that all-important lift.

  • Real Life Monsters

    What animal chomps on your leg with the force of a two-tonne truck? Which aquatic eating machine has over 3,000 razor-sharp teeth? What looks cute, runs at 40mph and eats only meat? Discover the answers in this intrepid show and then stand aside as we unmask the deadliest creature of them all... The answer may surprise you. Are you brave enough?

  • Seeing & Believing

    Discover why seeing is not always believing. Learn how the brain makes sense of what we see. Experience perplexing optical illusions like the amazing floating finger and the impossible triangle. Witness too, the world’s strongest man and find out if he’s really what he seems. Finally, we reveal the illusion behind cartoons, films and TV.