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    Engineering Challenge
    Free Engineering Challenges for BT1 to BT13 Schools

    Welcome to the W5 Engineering Challenge!

    STEM has driven so much of the UK’s COVID-19 response. Engagement with STEM is needed now more than ever to help people make sense of what is happening and to inspire future generations of scientists, technology experts, mathematicians, and engineers. In parallel, the World Economic Forum has cited problem solving, creativity, collaboration, communication, innovation, critical and analytical thinking as vital and necessary skills for engagement and success in our rapidly changing world, which have been put into an even more critical focus due to Covid-19.

    The Engineering Challenge programme will help W5 and your school to inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiast and future experts. It will provide an active focus on the Engineering Design approach to problem solving, a focus on thinking and collaborative skills and a lot of fun along the way!

    W5 is excited to partner with Jacobs and NIACE in the development of our Engineering Challenges for your school. Designed to spark interest in learning through STEM across both KS2 and KS3, these virtual Engineering Challenges will educate and engage as they support students to find solutions to real world engineering problems and introduce early coding skills.

    This programme is running on selected dates from 25 May - 17 June. This event is open to schools within BT1-BT13 postcodes.

    The programme involves the W5 Science Communicator team running a live, 90-minute engineering activity with your class, provision of the resources to engage in this session and a range of support materials for teachers. You can find further details below on what you will receive once booked.

    • A W5 Engineering Challenge resource box - this will be delivered and collected from your school - check the Video Teacher Briefing for details. All boxes will be disinfected thoroughly between each use. After you have had your live session, please follow the resource list in the box to be sure all the materials are returned. Leave the box at your school reception so we can collect with minimum disruption to your class.
    • A Teacher Facilitation Guide for the challenge event you have selected. This will provide full details of how to prepare for the session and link in to the live event.
    • A link to our Video Teacher Briefing, so you know what to expect and how you can best support your class to get involved.
    • A link to class worksheets for the Engineering Challenge.

    Following your booking you will also receive a meeting link for your live W5 Engineering Challenge event hosted by one of our Science Communicators.

    Challenge Box Descriptions

    Please use this information to select the Challenge that will work best for your class and then access the bookings link below to select a date.

    Engineering & Climate Change Challenge

    This challenge involves a focus on Engineering Design thinking within the context of energy production and climate change. Pupils design their own climate change awareness video game and follow up with a 'maker' activity to support their creative results. Please note that pupils do not take part in coding sessions but will need access to a device for this event to support the ‘maker’ activity. We suggest paired or small group work for this event.

    Engineering Earthquake Challenge

    This challenge involves a focus on Engineering Design thinking within the context of earthquakes and building stability. Pupils will design and create building structures that can withstand earthquake tremors and then code earthquake alert systems for their solutions. Please note that pupils will be supported to work through some early coding activities using Make Code for Microbit, so will need access to a device.

    Engineering Turbine Challenge

    This challenge involves a focus on renewable energy technology in the production of electricity. Through a design and make process, pupils focus on the importance of renewable technologies and learn about the electricity networks through the creation of their own electrical circuits. Pupils do not require access to a device for this challenge.

    Please note:

    • Due to programme limitations, we are only able to offer these events to schools within BT1 to BT13 postcode areas.
    • There are a limited number of sessions available for schools so early booking is advised.
    • Coding is not an aspect of all of the Challenges, where it is involved, the focus is on using Make Code for Microbit.

    The Challenges are bookable over the following dates.

    • 16-17 June

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