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    See Do W5 Secondary
    Permanent Exhibition
    Design and build structures, bring robots to life, make patterns and play virtual sports.

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    Design and build structures, bring robots to life, make patterns and play virtual sports. Take the challenge to see if you can design a wind turbine and then test your knowledge on renewable energy!

    SEE is an interactive area featuring nature and biodiversity, sustainable development and now includes Think Creative a themed area where you can be an animator and create cartoons, add sound effects to animation, try your hand at theatrical lighting, be the photo editor of a newspaper and explore the work of the professionals.  Be amazed as your shadow controls flowing sand.

    Don’t miss our new Augmented Reality exhibit. Augmented Reality, or AR, is the amazing new technology that superimposes computer-generated images onto our view of the real world. State of the art projection technology that puts you right at the centre of big screen action!

    Discover our new hands-on block play area, The Construction Zone. Visitors can build it really big with Imagination Playground’s Big Blue Blocks. You can build it in all sizes with KAPLA or build it small with a wide range of natural wood blocks, bricks, logs and shapes. Let your imagination run wild and build bridges, towers, animals and abstract structures!

    You can also find the Danske Bank World of Moneyville exhibit in See/Do. Danske Bank is one of the leading retail banks in Northern Ireland, with around 1,400 employees and a network of 44 branches and three regional business centres across Northern Ireland. The Danske Bank World of Moneyville brings elements of the Bank’s financial education programmes to life through fun games and activities for children!


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