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    Join us for an exciting, immersive journey as Virtual Reality comes to W5.

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    Are you ready to take an adventure like no other? Join us for an exciting, immersive journey as Virtual Reality comes to W5.

    Located in our new gift shop on the ground floor, we’ve introduced a brand-new VR experience for visitors aged 8+ to enjoy.

    Our new experience features a number of state-of-the-art platforms from leading VR specialists ‘Immotion’ and will take visitors on a series of incredible adventures. Bringing together world-class CGI, award-winning content creators and cutting-edge technology, ‘Immotion’ are devoted in delivering amazing virtual reality content.

    Choose between our ‘VR-4D Cinema Pods’ or our ‘VR Explorer Units’ and explore worlds you never thought possible!

    Virtual Reality is a new add on experience only available to W5 visitors and costs between £3-£5 per player, per game. VR is only available to W5 visitors aged 8+. Although the movement on our pods is relatively small we would caution visitors with heart conditions, pregnancy, and back/neck injuries against riding. We would advise visitors not to participate if they have any physical condition that might increase the risk of injury on the VR experience.

      Choose between the following VR experiences:

      Delta Zero

      On the outer reaches of the galaxy, Base Zero has received a distress signal from it’s mining planet. No one knows why. Delta Squadron are sent on a mission to uncover the mystery and YOU are a key member of that team.

      Head into deep space on an action-packed ride that takes you across distant galaxies, hurtling through asteroid fields and into epic space battles. Prepare for edge of your seat encounters as your team attempt to save civilization from the threat of advanced alien technology. Delta Zero VR is a visually explosive and thrilling motion platform experience not to be missed!

      Delta Zero is £5 per player, per game.

      Dragon Island

      Let Tilly take you on an enchanting flight around her magical Dragon Island home. You will be dazzled by colourful gems and sparkling waterfalls as you ride on the back of this very talkative dragon! If you are lucky she will take you to the secret garden and the wonders beyond it. A gentle adventure for all the family.

      Dragon Island is £5 per player, per game.

      Meet the Titanosaur

      Come face to face with one of the largest creatures to ever walk planet Earth, the Titanosaur – Argentinosaurus, and feed it!

      Enjoy a memorable VR experience blending incredible facts with moments of surprise and delight. Move around a prehistoric landscape where you can inspect this Titanosaur up close!

      Meet the Titanosaur is £3 per player, per game.

      Mad Factory

      Mad Factory is now open for business! A fast-paced, and infinitely replayable VR experience, Mad Factory is five minutes of original, frantic fun for everyone. Its visually rich world, intuitive interactions and innovative gameplay will delight a wide range of VR players, from ages 8 up.

      So, immerse yourself in a retro-future world, where you’re the new hire on the floor of the universe’s finest cookie factory. There you can discover flying robots, mechanical chickens, and waterfalls of cascading milk. And in a race against time, players must pull levers and turn dials to bake, frost and deliver custom cookies to earn top scores on the leaderboard.

      The challenges you face in the factory will become increasingly demanding. Can you keep your cool, and deliver the goods in this addictive, interactive VR game?

      Mad Factory is £5 per player, per game.


      Experience white-knuckle virtual reality on Tornado, the gyroscopic spin ball, high above the cityscape. Round and round, do you know which way is up or down? An immersive virtual reality coaster ride.

      Tornado is £5 per player, per game.

      Swimming With Humpbacks

      Fearless wanderers, enchantment hunters and virtual explorers, get closer to the inspiration of our blue ocean in our new VR experience, Swimming with Humpbacks.

      Swimming with Humpbacks is £5 per player, per game.

      Legend Of Lusca

      An amazing sub-sea adventure in your very own mini-sub, with a surprise or two along the way.

      Legend Of Lusca is £5 per player, per game.

      The Tower

      Taking you higher than any themepark dare to take you, this VR Coaster will rise up through the tallest skyscraper until you are high over the city before plummeting to the ground as you grip tight for every stomach churning twist and turn. Can you hold your nerve on this exhilarating coaster ride?

      The Tower is £5 per player, per game.


      Unhinge your expectation on this anything but peaceful ferris wheel ride. This motion supported, exclusive, virtual reality thrill ride is sure to get your heart racing!

      Revolver is £5 per player, per game.


      Take a ride with ‘JINX’, our very own master of mystery. He will entertain you as you travel through his strange and captivating world. His idea of fun may not be everyone’s cup of tea. A thrill ride with a twist - prepare to be 'Jinxed'.

      Jinxed is £5 per player, per game & for visitors aged 12 + to enjoy.

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