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    Download our ‘AMAZE Portals’ App
    Download our App before your visit get ready to visit some mesmerising worlds

    As part of our immersive Land of Legends experience, you can also ‘travel’ to fantasy worlds and stunning Northern Ireland landscapes through some magic doorways with our Augmented Reality (AR) Portals.

    There are 6 AR portals located around W5. Visit an enchanted forest, see Belfast from the air or stand on the Giant’s Causeway.

    Using your Apple (iOS) or Android smartphone, simply download our Portal App – ‘AMAZE Portals’. Once the app is downloaded, look out for the special symbols throughout W5, follow the instructions on your smartphone and unlock each portal door. Enter each world by physically walking through the virtual doorway and enjoy a complete 360-degree view of your new surroundings! You can even look back to the real world you came from!

    The AMAZE Portals Appis compatible with Android 5.0 and up and with iOS versions 11 or later. For best experience we recommend Android 8.0 and up and iOS versions 11 or later.

    We recommend downloading the app before your visit to W5. Click here to download for Android or here to download for iOS.

    Our AR portals will be live from 1 June 2019.

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