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    W5 Late Floor Guide
    Joining us for W5 Late on 19 October? Check out what's going on...

    W5 Late is a strictly adults-only, after-hours evening at Northern Ireland’s award-winning science and discovery centre from 7-11pm on Saturday 19 October. Click here for full info & booking.

    W5 Late ticket holders - we have put together an event itinerary by floor so you don’t miss any of the awesome activities, talks and shows that we have planned for you!

    Ground Floor

    Reel Icons Welcome, 7-8pm - Meet the amazing costumed characters from Reel Icons Ireland for a night of fantastic photo opportunities!

    W5 Shop & LEGO® Zone, 7-11pm - Explore our gift shop!

    VR Zone, 7-11pm - Take an adventure like no other in our Virtual Reality Zone. (This is an add-on experience & costs between £3-£5 per player, per game).

    Level 1

    W5 Coffee Shop, 7-10.30pm - Enjoy some soft-drinks and food in our coffee shop.

    Bar, 7-10.30pm - Grab a cold drink at our licensed bar.

    MED-Lab, 7-11pm - Explore our new exhibition area ‘MED-Lab’ and discover the medical marvel that is the human body! Try your hand at our life-sized Operation game and SO much more!

    Level 2

    Bar, 7-10.30pm – Grab a cold drink at our licensed bar.

    Exhibition Floors, 7-11pm – Explore over 250 interactive exhibits.

    Climbit, 7-11pm - Scale the heights on Climbit, our BIGGEST exhibit ever!

    Sketch Club with P.J Holden, 8-9pm - Learn to draw all things scary with PJ Holden, a Belfast based comic artist. Best known for his work on Judge Dredd for 2000AD, over the past 20 years PJ has also drawn WWII comics with Garth Ennis (for the video game World of Tanks), Robocop/Terminator comics as well as XMen for Marvel.

    Live Demonstration Shows:

    Edward Jenner and the Pus Filled Boil, 7.30pm - Travel back in time to the 18th Century, when modern medicine was in its infancy and a deadly scourge stalked the population… smallpox! Visit with us the country practice of the brave physician who first did battle against this vile plague and thrill to hear of the clever, if somewhat dubious, intuition that led to the world’s very first vaccine. W5’s resident quack Dr. Yura Gonner will lead you on this bloody and fascinating journey. But be warned, while we won’t condone experiments on small children, sometimes they work, they do. Mwa ha ha ha…

    In Your Face Body Show, 8.30pm - Whether you’re riding a bike, running a marathon or just eating your lunch – your body can do some incredible things! But are the day to day activities we do as simple as we think? Join us for a closer look at what goes on to power the inner workings of the most amazing machine ever created – you!

    The Big Fat Quiz of the Fear, 9pm - Do you know your Acrophobia from your Arachnophobia? Join us for this spooktacular quiz!

    Final Judging for the Costume Competition, 10pm - Put on your best ghoulish rags and be approached with a gold star for outstanding costume. The 13 scariest will then be invited to a final parade where the audience will decide who deserves to be overall winner.

    Level 3

    DJ, 7-11pm – Enjoy some music!

    Cool Kidz Halloween Face Painting, 7.30-9.30pm - It wouldn’t be Halloween without some spooky face painting!

    Level 4

    Bar, 7-10.30pm – Grab a cold drink at our licensed bar.

    AMAZE, 7-11pm - Step into AMAZE, our BRAND-NEW, truly unique, technological space and join us for the immersive experience 'Creatures of the Night'!

    Exhibition Floors, 7-11pm – Explore over 250 interactive exhibits.

    Live Demonstration Shows:

    Spooky Dip, 7pm & 9.45pm - Ever so carefully, ever so slowly, put your hand into the deep, dark, hole…. but WATCH OUT! There could be anything in there – zombie brains, a witch’s tongue, or something that might bite! Are you brave enough to find out? Go on, we dare you…

    Trick or Treat - The Bug Munch Challenge, 8pm & 10.15pm - Two cups, one chance. Under one cup; a tasty chocolate treat. Under the other; the mouldering carcass of a dead bug. Whichever you choose, you MUST eat. Are you brave enough? Will your treat be sweet? Or will you pick the tick? The choice is yours.

    Level 5

    Lecture Theatre Talks:

    Live Dissection with Dr Kat Sanders & Emer Maguire, 8.00-8.45pm & 9.30-10.15pm – How do our lungs work? What happens if you pop a lung? Can you pop a lung? Are your lungs in your neck? Join Clinical Anatomist, Dr Kat Sanders and science communicator, Emer Maguire, as they take you on a tour of the remarkable duo, your lungs! Please note – this session includes a dissection of non-human lungs on-stage.

    Dr Kat Sanders is a Lecturer in Anatomy at Hull York Medical School in Yorkshire. A previous TEDx speaker and FameLab finalist.


    Click here for full info & booking.

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