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    Being a STEM Ambassador - Kelly Grant
    April 2020

    Did you know that W5 coordinates the STEM Ambassador Hub in Northern Ireland? We manage a database of over 1,300 professionals with STEM skills who have volunteered to promote science, technology, engineering and maths in local schools.

    The STEM Ambassador Programme is a UK-wide initiative and free of charge service to schools and youth groups, which aims to encourage young people to have an interest in studying and following a career in STEM subjects. STEM Ambassadors not only have the opportunity to enrich and enhance the learning experience for young people, but individuals who volunteer as STEM Ambassadors can also develop new skills and gain increased work satisfaction.

    Kelly Grant is just one of our fantastic volunteers on the STEM Ambassador Programme. We caught up with Kelly to find out about her own experience as a STEM Ambassador.


    Kelly Grant


    I currently work for GRAHAM as a Learning and Development Advisor and have been a STEM Ambassador for almost 2 years.

    Fun Fact:

    Maybe a little more gruesome than fun but I am a little bit skull obsessed, skull shaped products and prints are a favourite of mine.

    Why did you become a STEM Ambassador?

    As a Learning and Development professional, I absolutely believe in the value of employers providing industry knowledge and experiences to students. There are benefits to students, Ambassadors, schools, parents and employers from taking part in the STEM Ambassador programme and activities.

    What is your favourite thing about being an Ambassador?

    Part of my job role involves working as a liaison between our apprentices and local colleges and training organisations. I feel it is a privilege to meet with those who are the workforce of the future. Essentially helping them to understand the range of STEM careers that are available to them and sharing with them how GRAHAM can not only meet, but often exceed their career aspirations.

    What does STEM mean to you?

    From STEM come some of the most innovative roles that will directly benefit the future of the environment and communities we live in, so for me this means an optimistic future for us all.

    Who is your biggest STEM inspiration and why?

    It’s a joint one, sorry! Wilson Greatbatch who was an American electrical engineer who invented the implantable pacemaker and Professor Frank Pantridge from Northern Ireland who invented the portable defibrillator. I can say with certainty that without both of those vital pieces of medical equipment, a few of my family would not be here today – so I am very grateful.

    Our STEM Ambassadors play an essential role in inspiring and engaging the next generation of scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians and technologists. If you would like to register as a STEM Ambassador or find out more about the programme click here.

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