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    How to request STEM Ambassador Support

    How to request STEM Ambassador support for my STEM Club

    While the STEM Club initiative complements the curriculum, it is not designed to be about writing, tests, or exam.

    Pupils can enjoy the application of what they are interested in by taking part in practical experiments, investigation, discussion and reflection. It allows pupils the freedom to explore the path of “wrong thinking” – i.e exploring the opposite to the correct way to do something, allowing mistakes to happen which starts pupils thinking in a different way and making discoveries which is when things get exciting. Young people need confidence to be inventive and the support to be bold. In short, STEM Clubs are about having fun.

    As a teacher or STEM Club Leader, W5 can offer free advice on setting up or developing a STEM club and can help source local STEM Ambassadors to enhance your club's activities.

    For more information or to discuss your needs in more detail simply email: juliacarson@w5online.co.uk or call 028 9046 7722.

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