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    STEM Hub  |  STEM Clubs
    Why run a STEM Club?

    STEM Club Aims

    It is the Government’s ambition to establish a STEM Club in every school in the country, with W5 STEM managing this project in Northern Ireland, we can provide teachers with top tips and advice on setting up a new club, funding opportunities available, activity ideas and access to additional STEM Club support through our database of 900 STEM Ambassadors across Northern Ireland.

    The aims of STEM Clubs are:

    • To enrich, enhance and extend the secondary school curriculum
    • Improve attainment in, interactions with, and experiences of, the STEM subjects among pupils
    • Improve collaboration between schools and also between schools and industry
    • Encourage pupils to continue their education in STEM beyond GCSE and Diploma (or equivalent qualification) level

    Why run a STEM club?

    If you are setting up a club from scratch there are many considerations, from what the focus of your club will be and how to get support in running it, to planning initial activities and assessing the impact of your club. We have prepared a comprehensive and accessible set of guidance and advice, including tips from successful club leaders, on every stage of the process, which are available as short videos from the STEM clubs website, at www.stemclubs.net

    A successful STEM club can bring benefits to students and the whole school.

    Benefits to students

    • Increased enthusiasm for STEM subjects and an enriched learning experience
    • Improved practical skills
    • Increased teamwork and presentation skills
    • A wider understanding of real-world STEM applications and careers options

    Benefits to the whole school

    • Improved profile of STEM-related subjects within the school
    • Improved levels of student engagement and attainment
    • Enhanced reputation with parents, governors, neighbouring schools and feeder primaries
    • Links developed with local STEM Ambassadors and STEM businesses

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