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Public Appreciation of Science & Technology

Broadcast journalists work for local and national radio and television stations, producing material adapted to broadcasting.

Camera Operators record action on film or digital media. 

Conservators may be responsible for maintaining collections of scientific and technological interest. 

Editors of books and magazines related to science and technology are responsible for style and content. 

Information Scientists usually have a scientific or technical background: they research and evaluate data, producing, storing, retrieving and disseminating information. 

Print journalists are responsible for generating and writing stories to fill their magazines or newspapers, through interviewing people, or attending meetings and press conferences. 

Librarians / information managers keep up to date with publications in a range of media, and help people to access these.

Library / information assistants carry out routine work in support of librarians / information managers. 

Museum curators may manage collections of scientific and technological interest, and arrange the exhibition of these to the general public. 

Patent examiners evaluate applications related to new inventions to see that legal requirements are meet, and that the public interest and rights of other inventors are protected. 

Photography is the art and technology of producing images of objects by the chemical action of light on sensitive substances. 

Photographers take visual images of people, places, events and things. 

Photographic technicians work in photographic laboratories where film is developed and photographs printed. 

Sound technicians operate with live or recorded sound. 

Technical authors produce documents that communicate a technical message at a level that readers can understand.


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(the Sector Skills Council for the Audio Visual Industries)
Skillset Northern Ireland   249 West George Street   Glasgow   G2 4QE
Tel: 0141 222 2633     Fax: 0141 222 2644     Email: info@skillset.org
Websites:  www.skillset.org - Choose careers

Creative & Cultural Skills

(the Sector Skills Council for Advertising, Crafts, Cultural Heritage, Design, Music, Performing, Literary and Visual Arts)
11 Southwark Street   London   SE1 1RQ
Tel: 0207 089 5866     Fax: 0207 089 5857    Email: info@ccskills.org.uk
Website: www.ccskills.org.uk (general website)

General information on Northern Ireland based careers can be found on www.careersserviceni.com - Choose explore careers.

Courses areas relevant to the public appreciation of science and technology, and to science in general are available at a number of higher education institutions.  Please see the UCAS site www.ucas.ac.uk for more information - Choose students then courses.


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