Our interactive science shows bring learning to life with fun and interactive demonstrations that will excite and inspire audiences of all ages.

50-Minute Science Show

Crackle! Whoosh! Pop! Watch as our pyrotechnic team explain the science behind fireworks with eye-popping experiments that are sure to go off with a BANG. Which colourful chemicals light up our night sky? Come along to find out.

Group Challenges

If you’re looking for an activity that will inspire teamwork, one of our K’NEX group challenges could be just the ticket. These are fantastic icebreakers for new Year 8 pupils, or simply as an engaging group activity to help promote teamwork, personal development, problem solving and communication. These challenges can cater for up to 60 pupils at a time. Our 50-minute K’NEX challenges include:

  • Technology Trials (ages 7 – 11)
  • Teetering Towers (ages 9 – 11)
  • Wind Powered Cars (ages 11 – 14)
  • Bridge Challenge (ages 11 – 14)


Marvellous Machines

How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Who was Archimedes? Why not find out in this fun, fast paced building workshop, that ultimately uncovers the wonderment of the simple machine. Pupils can have a go at building their own K'NEX machines and compete against each other to try to build a solution to some real-life problems. Working in teams, pupils can combine all their K'NEX creations to move a load of cargo to its final destination. (KS2 & KS3, 50 minutes)

Spike in Charge

The city wants to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and instead use as much renewable energy as possible. Can Spike Prime deliver the power created from renewable sources to cover the demand? How much energy will it need from Oil, Gas and Coal? Pupils will meet the latest Lego Robot –Spike Prime, to help deliver energy around the city. Pupils will learn about the importance of using renewable energy resources in the bid to reduce carbon. (KS2, 90 minutes).

Engineering Challenges

Our Engineering Challenges can be delivered in-person or online. The programme involves the W5 Science Communicator team running a live, 90-minute engineering activity with your class, provision of the resources to engage in this session and a range of support materials for teachers.

Engineering & Climate Change Challenge

This challenge involves a focus on Engineering Design thinking within the context of energy production and climate change. Pupils design their own climate change awareness video game and follow up with a 'maker' activity to support their creative results. Please note that pupils do not take part in coding sessions but will need access to a device for this event to support the ‘maker’ activity. We suggest paired or small group work for this event. (KS2, 90 minutes)

Engineering Earthquake Challenge

This challenge involves a focus on Engineering Design thinking within the context of earthquakes and building stability. Pupils will design and create building structures that can withstand earthquake tremors and then code earthquake alert systems for their solutions. Please note that pupils will be supported to work through some early coding activities using Make Code for Microbit, so will need access to a device. (KS2, 90 minutes).

Engineering Turbine Challenge

This challenge involves a focus on renewable energy technology in the production of electricity. Through a design and make process, pupils focus on the importance of renewable technologies and learn about the electricity networks through the creation of their own electrical circuits. Pupils do not require access to a device for this challenge. (KS2, 90 minutes).

Destination Space

Satellites are the unseen heroes of modern life. They can stop you getting lost, and they can stop you getting wet. They track climate change and even look for new forms of life, deep in outer space. Without them, your smartphone wouldn’t be so smart! But how much do we know about this army of orbiting eyes in the sky? In this workshop we will learn more about what satellites are and how they get up there. Then, just like a satellite, we’ll do some coding and get hands on experience in radio communications! (KS2 & KS3, 90 minutes).

Science Busking

Are you running a family fun day, an event for the public or an exhibition? W5 can provide a pop-up science stand where we continuously demonstrate some of our favourite science tricks and visitors can come and go as they please! This is a great option if you’re not looking for shows at set times. Just get in touch for more details.

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