Bring W5’s Learning and Engagement team to you! Our team can hit the road, in our all-new electric van, to visit your venue throughout Northern Ireland.Choose from a range of our activities:


Our interactive science shows bring learning to life with fun and interactive demonstrations that will excite and inspire audiences of all ages.

Now That's What I Call Science

Suitable for all ages.

Discover a selection of science's greatest hits as we delve into the WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy of STEM. Together, we will explore the experiments that have shaped the world around us and meet the scientists who asked the questions no-one else did. Put their theories to the test in this fun, interactive show.

Destination Space Show

Suitable for key stage 1 and key stage 2

It’s ‘all systems go’ in your school with this brand new show from W5. If you thought spaceports are only found in Sci-fi movies or telescopes the size of tennis courts launching into space were a dream; keep an eye on the sky and find out how space could become the holiday destination of the future.

Our World From Space

Suitable for key stage 2

W5 is proud to present 'Our World From Space,' an interactive show designed to inspire and captivate Key Stage 2 pupils, fostering curiosity about our role in space. The program aims to empower a society that recognises the importance of space science in everyday life and our planet's sustainable future. W5 can visit your school and delve into fascinating topics of sustainability and space exploration. Witness Belfast from space, explore temperature investigations with infrared cameras, and collaboratively discover the wonders of the world around us.

Group Challenges

If you’re looking for an engaging group activity, one of our K’nex group challenges could be just the ticket. Our K’nex challenges can be highly competitive and lots of fun but they also promote team working, problem solving and communication skills. K’nex group challenges are 50 minutes and can accommodate up to 60 children per session although it does work best with fewer children per session. Group challenges are suitable for key stage 2.

Teetering Towers

    Using K’nex the pupils will work in groups and are challenged to build a tall tower. A weight is then put on the tower to see how it can hold before it collapses.

    Bridge Challenge

      Using K’nex the pupils will work in groups and are given a challenge to build a bridge which spans a certain distance. A weight is then put on the bridge at the end of the challenge to see how much it can hold before it collapses.


      Marvellous Machines

      50 minute workshop

      How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Who was Archimedes? Why not find out in this fun, fast paced building workshop, that ultimately uncovers the wonderment of the simple machine. Pupils can have a go at building their own K'NEX machines and compete against each other to try to build a solution to some real-life problems. Working in teams, pupils can combine all their K'NEX creations to move a load of cargo to its final destination.

      Spike in Charge

      90 minute workshop

      The city wants to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and instead use as much renewable energy as possible. Can Spike Prime deliver the power created from renewable sources to cover the demand? How much energy will it need from Oil, Gas and Coal? Pupils will meet the latest Lego Robot –Spike Prime, to help deliver energy around the city. Pupils will learn about the importance of using renewable energy resources in the bid to reduce carbon. (Primary 6 & Primary 7 only).

      Engineering Challenges

      Engineering & Climate Change Challenge

      90 minute challenge

      Pupils design their own climate change awareness video game and follow up with a maker activity to support their creative results. Please note that the pupils do not take part in coding sessions but will need access to a device for this event to support the maker activity. We suggest paired or small group work for this event.

      Engineering Earthquake Challenge

      90 minute challenge

      Pupils will design and create building structures that can withstand earthquakes tremors and then code earthquake alert systems for their solutions. Please note that pupils will be supported to work through some early coding activities using Make Code For Microbit so will need access to a device.

      Engineering Turbine Challenge

      90 minute challenge

      This challenge involves a focus on renewable energy technology in the production of electricity. Through a design and make process pupils focus on the importance of renewable technologies and learn about the electricity networks through the creation of their own electrical circuits. Pupils do not need access to a device for this challenge.

      Workshops and engineering challenges can be done in a large hall or classroom. Pupils will need tables and chairs and for some of the workshops/engineering challenges pupils will need access to a device to complete the activities. This is usually done in pairs or small groups so each pair/group will need a device. They may also require space to complete the build/test so if using a classroom please bear this in mind.

      Science Busking

      Are you running a family fun day, an event for the public or an exhibition? W5 can provide a pop-up science stand where we continuously demonstrate some of our favourite science tricks and visitors can come and go as they please! This is a great option if you’re not looking for shows at set times. Just get in touch for more details.

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