W5 - General

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Choose an area from within General (areas not fitting into other categories). 

Each area is represented by a printable front page which:

  • describes briefly what people working in this area do
  • gives names and addresses, telephone and website information, on leading organisations in the area
  • provides a link to the organisations’ websites (with appropriate navigation information)
  • links to UCAS and other sites for information on courses in the area
  • lists sites of other organisations (with links) that might provide further useful information


Police & Armed Services

The police service in the United Kingdom is made up of over forty separate local services. Their responsibility is to enforce the law, prevent and detect crime, preserve the peace, and bring offenders to trial. The naval service (including the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service) provides...

Public Appreciation of Science & Technology

Broadcast journalists work for local and national radio and television stations, producing material adapted to broadcasting. Camera Operators record action on film or digital media. Conservators may be responsible for maintaining collections of scientific and technological interest. Editors of books and magazines related to science and...


Teaching involves establishing and managing an environment where pupils / students can learn effectively. Although primary teachers may specialise in one curricular area, they are usually responsible for a specific class. In general, primary teachers study for a BEd (Bachelor of Education) degree, which includes subject and...