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Medicine & Dentistry

Anaesthetists provide pain relief during surgical operations or childbirth. 

Dentists prevent and treat diseases of the teeth and mouth. 

Dermatologists treat skin disorders. 

General Practitioners work locally: they listen to patient’s descriptions of their problems and symptoms, examine them if necessary, and advise on suitable treatments. 

Gynaecologists deal with diseases affecting women, obstetricians particularly relating to pregnant women. 

Hospital doctors work in a team of health professionals to treat patients referred by general practitioners or other doctors, or as accident or emergency cases. 

Oncologists use radiation and drugs in the treatment of cancer. 

Ophthalmologists study the structure, function and diseases of the eye. 

Optometrists / Ophthalmic opticians examine people’s eyes, test their sight and prescribe spectacles and contact lenses. 

Paediatricians deal with diseases affecting children. 

Pathologists investigate the causes and effects of diseases. 

Psychiatrists treat patients with mental illnesses. 

Radiologists / radiologists use X radiation and similar techniques to help make a diagnosis, and use radiation to treat conditions. 

Surgeons are responsible for patients before, during and after operations.


For further information please see: 

British Medical Association

BMA House     Tavistock Square     London     WC1H 9JP
Tel:  020 7387 4499      Fax:  020 7383 6400     
Website:  www.bma.org.uk - Choose main page then medical careers and education then becoming a doctor

General information on Northern Ireland based careers can be found on www.careersserviceni.com - Choose explore careers

Courses in medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology and associated areas are available at a number of higher education institutions.  Please see the UCAS site www.ucas.ac.uk for more information - Choose students then courses.


Other Useful Websites:

British Association of Dermatologistswww.bad.org.uk (general website)
British Society for Immunologywww.immunology.org - Choose careers
Chartered Society of Physiotherapywww.csp.org.uk - Choose from careers and learning
General Optical Councilwww.optical.org - Choose education 
Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicinewww.ipem.org.uk - Choose careers and training
Medical Research Councilwww.mrc.ac.uk (general information on medical research)
National Health Servicewww.nhscareers.nhs.uk - Choose NHS careers 
Royal College of Anaesthetistswww.rcoa.ac.uk - Choose training 
Royal College of General Practitionerswww.rcgp.org.uk - Choose training assessment certification then GP careers
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologistswww.rcog.org.uk - Choose education and training
Royal College of Ophthalmologistswww.rcophth.ac.uk (general website)
Royal College of Pathologistswww.rcpath.org - Choose careers
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Healthwww.rcpch.ac.uk - Choose education and training
Royal College of Physicianswww.rcplondon.ac.uk (general website) 
Royal College of Psychiatristswww.rcpsych.ac.uk - Choose training then school leavers
Royal College of Radiologistswww.rcr.ac.uk - Choose clinical oncology then becoming an oncologist, or clinical radiology then becoming an radiologist
Royal College of Surgeonswww.rcseng.ac.uk - Choose a surgical career
Society of Radiographerswww.sor.org - Choose careers information