• All Ages
  • Free with Admission to W5
  • Science Stage, Level 2
  • Various times throughout the day
  • 3rd May 2024
  • Seasonal Event
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Fire the Spirit of Discovery

Prepare to be dazzled this May with an action-packed schedule of interactive science shows at W5!

Our team are on hand to fire up your May with chemical concoctions, explosive experiments and plenty of eureka moments.

These shows are FREE with general admission and do not need to be booked separately. Please check show times on arrival. Shows have limited capacity and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Science Shows this May

Check out the variety of shows that you can experience at W5 this month!

Drop the Base!

Colourful Chemical Concoctions!

Dive into the wonderful world of acids and bases where a colourful concoction of experiments might just blow you away. Come along and find out what will happen when we drop the base in this pH-enomenal show.

Free of Charge

Interested in electricity? See our shocking display of science, which will leave you positively buzzing. A hands-on activity not to be missed.

In Our Nature

Meet our Giant African Land Snails and find out the minibeast that live in our wonderful world around us. Get a sense of Northern Ireland’s amazing biodiversity at our amazing ‘In our Nature’ zone! 

Our World from Space

W5 is proud to present 'Our World From Space,' an interactive show designed to inspire, captivate and foster curiosity about our role in space. The show aims to empower a society that recognises the importance of space science in everyday life and our planet's sustainable future.

Destination Space

Join us on an interactive journey from the farthest reaches of space to the microscopic madness that keeps us all together in the first place! We will discuss the latest ways in which scientists are observing the universe, thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope. Before working our way towards more familiar territory discussing the great heights and depths of our home, planet Earth. All while engaging in some guessing games along the way!

Deep Freeze

Join us on an adventure into low temperatures with demonstrations so cool, they're absolutely freezing! Have you ever wondered what it's like to touch a cloud? Come along to this icy show and find out.

Seas the Day

Find out first-hand why Belfast Harbour is much more than just a world-leading port worth sail-ebrating. Dropping anchor at W5, this fun, interactive show will replicate the sounds of the shipyard and investigate how innovative technologies are changing day-to-day life at the port.

Sounds in Space: It's a Trap!

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then Luke no further because we R2. Join W5 to discuss the science in science fiction. Prepare for some forced puns as we explore iconic sounds in this interactive show


It drools and drips, it oozes and flows! We’re delving into a vat of the super-icky slime to look at the science behind the substance. Is it solid, is it liquid, or is it something else? Come and see it for yourself. There’s more to slime than meets the eye.

Extreme Existence: The Cold

Come discover the science behind huddling, shutting out the cold, the advantages of colourless blood or allowing the cold to take hold. W5 will need volunteers on stage as we explore the science behind some remarkable creatures in 'Extreme Existence: The Cold.' Uncover how these animals survive in some of the coldest places on Earth. This interactive show allows you to choose the animals to learn about, while we delve into their adaptations to life under extreme conditions. Audience participation essential!

Extreme Existence: The Dark

Take a journey with us as we peer into the darkness and discover what lurks in the shadows. How do animals survive and thrive at night and in places beyond the sun’s reach? In this interactive show, you choose the animal and we delve into how they have adapted to life under pretty extreme conditions, with lots of fun science demonstrations.

Extreme Existence: The Deep

Big-hearted armour-plated snails, an animal so loud it’s lethal, giant volcanic worms and the weird and wonderful world of the gulper eel. In this hands-on show, we need you to choose the animal that we'll examine in more detail. What will you choose?

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