• 18+ years
  • £15 per adult (plus booking fee)
  • W5
  • 7pm-11pm
  • 26th Apr 2024
  • Seasonal Event
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Child-Free Fun

W5 Late is a strictly adults-only, after-hours evening of interactive fun at Northern Ireland's award-winning science and discovery centre.

At W5, fun has no age limit but for one night only this April, there are no kids allowed and grown-ups are given the run of the place! Will you scale the heights of Climbit, try your hand at TV production, walk through the vortex or climb aboard a pirate ship?

Plus, enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine after an evening of adventure with our fully licensed bar.

Capacity is limited, so pre-booking essential.

Step into the House of Games

For one night only, welcome to the big WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy W5 game show!

Join us for a series of games, activities, questions, and quizzes. Explore exhibits, engage in science demonstrations, and chill out with friends on a very different night out.

Take part in 5 WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy themed games and quizzes throughout the night.

  • WHO - Who invented what? In Matching Pairs can you pair the inventor to the invention?
  • WHAT - What’s the answer? Find out in the Great Big Speed Quiz.
  • WHERE - Where is the answer? You'll need to figure that out in Five Minutes to Win It. When the question is asked, you'll have only five minutes to figure out where the answer is.
  • WHEN - When did that happen? In How Good Are You at Dating, can you tell what year some historic discoveries and events happened?
  • WHY - Why not try a game of skill or luck? Roll up, roll up and play some traditional Carnival Games, and maybe win some silly prizes (but remember it is carnival - the odds are stacked against you!)