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Face your fears at a new Sci-Fi scare experience, coming to AMAZE at W5

Thrill seekers looking for a spine-tingling adventure, won’t want to miss ‘The Dark’, a new live-action sci-fi scare experience that’s coming to Belfast.

This summer, Northern Ireland’s award-winning science and discovery centre, W5 will launch a first-of-its-kind scare attraction in its immersive events space, AMAZE.

Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, the visitor descends into ‘The Dark’ and is placed at the heart of the action for an adrenaline-pumping journey. A unique blend of live actors, detailed sets, immersive soundscapes, lighting and special effects will create a new ‘total reality’ multisensory experience unlike anything ever seen in Northern Ireland.

A Wellsian Time Travel Adventure

The story centres around the cutting-edge work of scientists at the Wellsian Corporation, who have been working to unlock the secrets of ‘The Vortex’ - an energy tunnel on the edge of reality, and the secret to travelling through time. After making an incredible scientific breakthrough, Wellsian have sent operatives back in time in a series of successful missions and are now ready to celebrate and share their success with the world.

Emotions are high and excitement soars as 12 lucky people board the specially constructed time pod and launch into the vortex. Soon excitement turns to horror, as a mysterious shadow in the vortex sends the pod plummeting back to reality, crashing out of time into the shadowy back streets of Victorian Belfast. Surviving the crash, the travelers need to find their way to safety. Unfortunately for them, the pod isn’t the only thing to have escaped the Vortex, something is lurking in the shadows, hunting them…in THE DARK!

Commenting on the launch, Adrian Lutton, head of creative for W5 said: Summer is all about big blockbusters and in The Dark we’ve taken that up a notch, creating an immersive experience that puts the visitor at the heart of the action. Rather than passively sitting back watching events unfold on a screen, you are placed in the middle of the story, living, breathing and feeling every exhilarating moment.”

Victoria Denoon, head of experience for W5 said: “We are continually developing new ways to enhance our visitor experience and we’re excited to bring this immersive scare attraction to AMAZE at W5 this summer. In darkness, your senses are heightened and in The Dark there is no escape, as each and every one of those senses is stimulated, through a compelling mix of visual, live-action storytelling and immersive soundscapes.”

The Dark will take place in AMAZE, located on Level 4 of W5 and run on selected days until Sunday 6 November.

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and has a capacity of 12 people.

The Dark is a standalone experience, separate to admission to W5. Tickets are on sale now, priced at £15 per person (+ booking fees.)

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