1100x620 The Story of DRAGONS

They came from the seas. They came from the forests. They came from the mountains. They came from deep beneath the earth. And now, they are here.

The following story, sketches, photographs, reports and notes have been gathered from hidden files recently discovered in the derelict home of Professor Thomas Adamson. The man who led the below mission back in 1934. He and his team had kept what they found a closely guarded secret for many decades. Only on his passing and on the clearing of his ancestral home did their incredible story come to light. A story which we now can tell. A story which led us to the discovery of DRAGONS.

From all of their files, images and diaries we have compiled this - their incredible story.

The Storm

Over 80 years ago, a small team of adventurers caught in a terrible electrical storm, off the north coast of Ireland, found themselves in an extraordinary situation. Pounded by huge waves, they were being driven towards the rocky shoreline and certain doom. They had never seen a storm like it. The thunderous roar of the waves was deafening, but it was more than that, the sound was unearthly!

They fought hard to save the ship and themselves, but it was a losing battle. A sudden burst of lightning shattered the darkness, illuminating the dark clouds. For a brief instant, they saw something on the horizon, something not of this world. Then, their world went black.

Drifting in an unnatural silence through grey surroundings, the team were haunted by the vision of what they had seen in the final moments of the deadly storm.

They drifted for hours, relieved but extremely confused - lost. Where were they? Their compasses spun wildly, none of the ship's instruments worked as they should.

An Enchanted World

Slowly the fog melted away - revealing a series of islands, a landscape which none of them found in any way recognisable. But stranger still was what flew above and around them.

They anchored off the coast of the main island and the professor's team, made up of the professor himself, Pamela Clarke - Botanist/Artist, William Forbes - Wildlife Photographer, and Drew Avolite - Geologist/Technologist, rowed to shore. The botany and geology they discovered were familiar but also subtly and weirdly different. It was an enchanted world. But the biggest shock and surprise of all - it was a world of Dragons. The ‘mythical’ creatures that had captured hearts and imaginations for centuries - WERE REAL!

The Shadow Dragon led them up the mountain to a cave hidden deep in the rock. Dark light shimmered and pulsed from within, the air was live with static. This was their way back home.

It all made sense now. This was the portal that errant dragons had used throughout the centuries to visit our world-leading to all the myths, stories and legends that were dotted throughout history. But the Dragons now wished to keep their existence a secret, to maintain their peaceful, harmonious existence. Use of the portal was now forbidden to all dragons. The professor made them a promise that he would keep their secret - he would never reveal the location or existence of the portal. This is why throughout his lifetime he kept the incredible adventure he and his colleagues experienced a well guarded secret.

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Based on the expedition's findings, the experience we have created in AMAZE is as close a representation as we can get to the one that the Professor and his incredible team discovered. An exhibition celebrating the true wonder of dragons. We hope you enjoy the thrill of seeing these majestic creatures and their world brought to animatronic life.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to dedicate our Dragon’s experience to the professor, his amazing team and their discoveries. We also assure them that the location of the portal between this world and the Dragons' dimension will always remain a secret!

Are You Ready to Come Face-to-Face With DRAGONS?

This July and August, stand before an array of these mythical creatures that move, roar, and even breathe smoke. From the gigantic Shadow Dragon to a young Land Dragon, are you ready to encounter DRAGONS?

DRAGONS is a walk-through experience and is FREE with general admission. Pre-booking your visit to W5 is essential.