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We are so excited to welcome you to ImagineNation - Celebrating Cosplay, the first in a new series of big weekend ‘ImagineNation’ events. In this three day special event we are celebrating the creativity, imagination and skill of local cosplayers. As such, we encourage all participants to join in the fun and come along as their favourite cosplay character and take part in our Cosplay Competition. We’ll be selecting the best costumes throughout the day to take part in our grand final at 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, with fantastic LEGO® Avatar - Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls sets (Retail value £130) for the winners each day!

If you plan to come down in costume, please remember that W5 is a family venue therefore please ensure you wear a costume that is appropriate. Please note that extremely revealing costumes are not permitted. You should avoid anything that could be considered offensive – costumes that include symbols of intolerance or hatred will not be allowed.

As W5 is a family venue, we encourage you not to wear anything that could be considered overly disturbing to children or those of a sensitive disposition. Please avoid anything too shocking or gruesome and you should also avoid purposefully scaring or causing distress to other attendees.

We ask that you respect any boundaries set by fellow visitors and attendees. Be polite, ask for permission to take photographs, and do not touch other cosplayers’ skin, costumes or props without permission. We have a zero tolerance of harassment or inappropriate behaviour of any kind and doing so may result in you being escorted from the venue.

Please be careful when selecting weapons and props to bring to the event. While we understand you may not intend to cause fear or alarm by choosing the most suitable prop or weapon for your costume, we advise caution and operate a weapons and props policy on site.

Please be sensible and do not bring anything to the event that could be considered as an offensive weapon.

The list below is an indication and is not exclusive.

As a general guide PVC or LARP foam props are fine.

Please do not bring:

  • Wooden or metal bats

  • Daggers or blades

  • Bokken

  • Wooden swords

  • Metal swords

  • Replica firearms

  • Deactivated firearms

  • Live firearms

  • Active BB guns

  • Any prop gun without an orange cap.

  • Crossbows

  • Any strung bow (prop bows without draw are acceptable)

  • Solid staves (please use PVC or LARP foam for construction)

  • Spears

  • Solid mallets

  • Batons

  • Sword sticks

  • Knuckle dusters

  • Boot knives

Aliens Pulse rifles, Star Wars blasters and such similar items will be accepted if they are NOT converted BB guns, however they must be safe, non firing replicas.

The organisers will reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone contravening the above guidelines. This is a family event and we want everyone to have a great time, especially you.