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Get Energised.

What makes an energy source renewable?

Which chemicals create which colours in fireworks?

Did you know sunlight takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach earth?

Discover all of this and much more, as you learn about energy in all its forms in our Energise zone supported by SSE Airtricity.

Through hands-on, interactive and energetic exhibits, learn about the different types of renewable energy and why it is important to develop them.

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Zone Highlights

Power the City

Choose how much energy you need to power the city and what type of energy you will use to complete the grid.

Musical Tesla Coil

Listen to our bespoke Musical Tesla Coil, which produces musical tones by modulating its spark output.

Feel the Burn

Power up our batteries by getting physical and generating your kinetic energy using our three different exercise machines.


Design and launch your own virtual fireworks, learning about reactions, bond breaking and bond making in the process.

Make Waves

Discover how wave energy converters turn energy from moving sea water into electricity.

Wind Power

Learn about how wind turbines convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. Try different blade designs to design your own wind turbine.

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