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    The adventure begins on our ground floor.

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    On the Ground Floor, visitors can meet Robothespian, W5’s life sized, humanoid, interactive robot who can move, speak, educate, interact and entertain!

    Robothespian is primarily a robot actor and performer. He is fully interactive, user friendly, and capable of communicating and entertaining in a way that few people will have experienced before. This static, humanoid robot can be controlled by the visitor, via a touchscreen panel, and can sing, greet, inform, act and even do impressions. Visitors can choose from a wide range of pre-programmed performance sequences or can even control Robothespian’s movement and voice to create performance pieces of their own!

      Complete your visit to W5 with a trip to our brand-new gift shop on the ground floor.

      It’s a great place to pick up some unusual and educational presents. We stock lots of different products including science kits, books, toys and more!

      Discover a wide range of LEGO® products in our exciting new LEGO® Zone and take a photo with one of our life-size LEGO® models, like ‘Yoda’ or ‘Indiana Jones’.

        Exploration is key at Spacebase - the multi-sensory activity zone for 3-11 year olds. Children are encouraged to find out about the universe with state of the art wrist band technology that turns them into space explorers, encouraging them to discover fun facts about our solar system within the activity zone to complete their mission!

        Adults can relax in a dedicated seating area and treat themselves to a hot beverage from our Spacebase coffee dock while watching their children play and have fun.

        Please note, Spacebase is an add on experience only available to W5 visitors and costs an additional £3.50 per child.

          Are you ready to take an adventure like no other? Join us for an exciting, immersive journey as Virtual Reality comes to W5.

          Located in our new gift shop on the ground floor, we’ve introduced a brand-new VR experience for visitors aged 8+ to enjoy.

          Our new experience features a number of state-of-the-art platforms from leading VR specialists ‘Immotion' and will take visitors on a series of incredible adventures. Bringing together world-class CGI, award-winning content creators and cutting-edge technology, ‘Immotion’ are devoted in delivering amazing virtual reality content.

          Choose between our ‘VR-4D Cinema Pods’ or our ‘VR Explorer Units’ and explore worlds you never thought possible!

          Virtual Reality is a new add on experience only available to W5 visitors and costs between £3-£5 per player, per game. VR is only available to W5 visitors aged 8+. Although the movement on our pods is relatively small we would caution visitors with heart conditions, pregnancy, and back/neck injuries against riding. We would advise visitors not to participate if they have any physical condition that might increase the risk of injury on the VR experience.

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