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  • Level 4
  • Permanent Exhibition
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Awaken your Senses.

Is seeing really believing?

Can you play music on strings of light?

Did you know your brain reads words faster than it recognises colours?

This zone is packed full of optical illusions, visual tricks and multisensory experiences that are designed to push your senses and your mind to the limit.

Look up, down and all around. Touch, listen and discover something new to challenge and trick your senses each and every time you visit.


Zone Highlights

The Vortex

Experience your own Space Odyssey moment in W5's immersive vortex light tunnel.

The Illusion

Step inside our immersive 360-degree Illusion Box, where projected moving images are reflected in mirrored walls, putting you in the centre of an epic infinite illusion.

Graffiti Wall

Could you be Belfast’s answer to Banksy? Unleash your creativity on our interactive digital graffiti wall.

Laser Harp

W5’s famous harp has invisible strings made from laser beams – pluck them to play a tune.

Optical Illusions

Do your eyes deceive you? Only you can decide...

Invisible Images

Use UV light to uncover hidden pictures and messages.

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