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Journey inside You

Did you know that human bone can be four times stronger than concrete?

Or that there are more than 100,000 Kilometres of blood vessels in your body?

Discover all this and much more, as you take an interactive journey through the human body.

Learn all about the amazing systems that keep our bodies alive and working. Get up close to the incredible technology that enables us to see inside, and right through our bodies.

Find out how doctors and scientists discover how our body works and why sometimes things don't work as they should.

Medical science has never been more important to our daily lives. Through hands-on interactive exhibits, MED-Lab provides a window into the fascinating world of pharmaceutical and biomedical science.

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Zone Highlights

Meet Alma Capsule

Join ‘Alma Capsule’, and her friends at Almac to discover how life-saving medicines and diagnostic tests are made and to learn about careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn how to fight a virus

Are you ready to defend the body against infection? Have a go at our ‘Defensive Snot’ game and jump about as you try to stop viruses from entering the nose.

Scan the body and discover what’s inside

From miles of blood vessels to vital organs, take a closer look at what’s inside the human body with our body scanner!


Try your hand at surgical skills on our giant operation table.