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Marvel at The Machine.

Did you know the more force you apply to a spring, the more it squashes and stretches?

That the first TVs were made in the 1920s?

Or that pneumatics machines use pressurised air to lift, push and pull?

Computers, mobile phones and all sorts of gadgets today use digital technology that began with simple, mechanical machines, powered by turning a handle.

W5’s Marvellous Machine delves into the wonderful world of mechanical engineering, with fun, hands-on interconnected exhibits using all manner of cogs, gears, levers, and springs to bring learning to life.


Zone Highlights

Feed the Machine!

Marvel at the power of compressed air! Feed a colourful cloth into the Amazing Airways — a maze of pneumatic tubes — and use the handles to change its route.

Archimedes’ Screw

Turn the handwheel to make small balls travel up along the Archimedes’ screw to feed the Marvellous Machine.

Good Vibrations

Use a paddle to slap the pipes and play a tune, turning vibrations of moving air into sound.

Heavy Lifting

Take a seat in one of our three pully chairs and try lifting yourself up by pulling the rope.

Ready for Launch

Try out our tennis ball launcher, which uses a bowling ball to make a tennis ball fly!

Get in Gear

Turn the wheels to make an image of a spur gear to light up the screen with a colourful projection.

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