• All Ages
  • Free with Admission to W5
  • AMAZE, Level 4
  • 2nd Dec 2023 - 31st Jan 2024
  • Seasonal Event
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You're Invited to Explore Winterly Manor

For centuries there has been a tradition of wiling away the long Christmas nights by huddling around the hearth and telling ghost stories. The most famous of these probably is Charles Dickens's 1843 ghost story - A Christmas Carol. It is following in the spirit of this tradition that W5 has created "Ghosts of Winterly Manor".

As the evenings draw in and the nights get darker, we bring you a brand-new experience for the winter months.

Ghosts of Winterly Manor is a low-light, walk-through experience, offering spooky fun for all the family.

W5's immersive AMAZE space will be transformed into the haunted Winterly Manor. Using a wide range of special effects, screen and holographic projections, lighting, immersive soundscapes and set works, watch as we bring Winterly Manor to life - or should we say…to afterlife!

This experience is free with general admission to W5. Pre-booking your visit to W5 is essential.

The Story

On the side of a hill, not very far from here, stands Winterly Manor. Long abandoned, it is now but a sad reflection of its once breathtaking splendour. Its rooms and hallways creak and groan in the wind. Its gardens are overgrown and tangled in briars. The family whose winter residence this once was, is long gone. A family with a dark and colourful history. What stories this old house could tell, tales of rogue pirates, of highwaymen, of spectacular winter dances, music recitals and exquisite dinner parties. And now… of ghosts!

Oh yes, ghosts! You see, this year, some of the old manor’s long departed occupants have returned for one last winter in residence. And we’re inviting YOU to join them.

You’ll be greeted by the old butler on your arrival. He will warn you that on your journey through the ancient house, you may expect to encounter a range of ghosts, ghouls, phantoms and restless spirits at every turn. Some fun, some friendly and some not so! An experience full of spectral surprises, and things that go bump in the night!

Consider this your formal invitation. Are you brave enough to meet the Ghosts of Winterly Manor?

Are you ready to venture through Winterly Manor?

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