• All Ages
  • Free with Admission to W5
  • AMAZE, Level 4
  • 29th Jun 2024 - 31st Aug 2024
  • Seasonal Event
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Coming Soon: The Creatures of Phoenix Island

This summer, we invite adventurers of all ages to discover The Creatures of Phoenix Island.

Building on the roaring success of W5's 2023 summer experience - DRAGONS, these fabled creatures are returning to Belfast's award-winning science and discovery centre. But this time, they're not alone!

Step into Phoenix Island, a land lost in time, a land of fantasy and adventure. Home to giant talking trees, carnivorous plants, dragons, unicorns, wizards, warriors, and the legendary Phoenix itself. Soon you will be able to come face-to-face with some of these incredible creatures in a magical new experience for all the family.

Before your visit to Phoenix Island, pop up to W5's Theatre Space and get involved in a short presentation and briefing by the explorers and researchers from QuantumQuest Explorations. Discover how they came to know about the island’s existence and how they succeeded in recreating the inter-dimensional portal that allows us to take you there. Learn about the fantastic creatures you will encounter on your adventure and see pictures of the other weird and wonderful island occupants - the ones considered a little too dangerous to let you get too close to!

The area of the island we will take you to is relatively safe. However, we always advise a degree of caution when you are around dragons! Watch out for a rare carnivorous plant which has been seen in the forest area. If you see it - treat it with extreme caution!

Prepare to stand before these incredible creatures from a world of imagination, brought to life in a breathtaking fusion of full-size animatronic figures, immersive soundscapes, scene settings, and large-scale projections. Let the adventure begin!

How can I visit The Creatures of Phoenix Island

Visitors can venture to Phoenix Island from 29 June 2024.

The Creatures of Phoenix Island is a walk-through experience and takes place in W5's immersive event space, AMAZE, located on Level 4.

This experience is FREE with general admission to W5 and does not need to be booked separately. Pre-booking your visit to W5 is essential.

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