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    Winter Freeze
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    Freeze Secondary1
    Demonstration Show
    Our very 'cool' Lecture Theatre show

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    Take a deep breath and come with us on a journey to the nether world of low temperature as we discover just how low we can go with a series of science demonstrations so cool, they're absolutely freezing!

    By exploiting the laws that govern liquids and gases we can make a kettle boil at room temperature or shrink a balloon then watch it expand till it almost goes pop. And as if that's not enough, we can also touch a cloud, make it snow and hammer a bendy blu-tac nail into solid wood! Oh, and finally, but strictly for fun, you can meet the W5 Bubble Monster!

    This show will take place in our Lecture Theatre on Level 5 and is FREE with admission to W5. Winter Freeze is running on the following dates:

    • Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 December
    • Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 December
    • Monday 23 December
    • Friday 27 December to Sunday 5 January

    Please see staff on arrival for show times.

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