Our World from Space

Explore the journey of satellites, from the world’s first satellite Sputnik 1 in October 1957 to Ireland’s first satellite EIRSAT-1 launched in December 2023. Discover orbits, discuss the uses of artificial satellites, and delve into the three experiments on board EIRSAT-1. Singing the electromagnetic spectrum, testing cutting-edge materials and micro:bit coding – this workshop is out of this world!

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Spike In Charge

The city wants to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and instead use as much renewable energy as possible. Can Spike Prime deliver the power created from renewable sources to cover the demand? How much energy will it need from Oil, Gas and Coal? Pupils will meet the latest Lego Robot – Spike Prime, to help deliver energy around the city. Pupils will learn about the importance of using renewable energy resources in the bid to reduce carbon emissions and then discover how to programme Spike, to move around the city and deliver the necessary energy bricks.

This workshop can be used as an introduction the First Lego league.

Available for P6 & P7 only. 90 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 24

Art Of Animation

Have you ever wondered how gravity was discovered? What it was like to walk on the moon for the first time? What it's like to be a researcher in the jungles of Africa? With this workshop you not only can answer all these questions, but you can animate them too! Using stop motion animation, we will re-enact the stories of three great scientists and their discoveries, learning about the history of animation along the way. Learn new skills and techniques to make your own short stop motion animation video!

Optional 30 minute extension: Using some editing tools, transform your animation into a movie. Create the right tone by building in music, sound effects and transitions. Add the finishing touches by designing some catchy titles and credits. Upload your videos so that you can access them at home and have your own ten-minute, movie night.

60 or 90 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Game Changers

Have your students got an idea that could be the next big video game hit? Take the first step toward making that dream a reality! We’ll learn the basics of block-based coding with MakeCode Arcade as your pupils' design and create a simple video game of their very own.

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Amped Up

Explore how technology and electronics have changed the music world forever. From Jimi Hendrix to Marshmello – generations have rocked out to synthesised sound! Your students will combine card, computers and coding to design and tune a unique electrical instrument.

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Marvellous Machines

How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Who was Archimedes? Why not find out in this fun, fast paced building workshop, that ultimately uncovers the wonderment of the simple machine. Pupils can have a go at building their own Knex machines and compete against each other to try to build a solution to some real-life problems. Working in teams, pupils can combine all their Knex creations to move a load of cargo to its final destination.

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Fizz, Bang, Pop

Pupils are welcomed to W5’s Science Lab to carry out a host of experiments to investigate changes that are permanent or temporary, desirable or undesirable and discover the effects of liquid Nitrogen.

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Fit To Go

How long are your intestines? Where does your food go? How much can your lungs hold? Pupils can find out about their internal organs and carry out investigations and tests to discover more about how organs work.

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Rollercoaster Racers

In teams students work together engineering the ultimate rollercoaster in this fun, hands-on workshop. They must construct and test a Knex rollercoaster with all the characteristics that will make it an irresistible ride – thrills, duration and speed!

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

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