Amped Up

Explore how technology and electronics have changed the music world forever. From Jimi Hendrix to Marshmello – generations have rocked out to synthesised sound! Your students will combine card, computers and coding to design and tune a unique electrical instrument.

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Marvellous Machines

How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Who was Archimedes? Why not find out in this fun, fast paced building workshop, that ultimately uncovers the wonderment of the simple machine. Pupils can have a go at building their own Knex machines and compete against each other to try to build a solution to some real-life problems. Working in teams, pupils can combine all their Knex creations to move a load of cargo to its final destination.

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

Spike In Charge

The city wants to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and instead use as much renewable energy as possible. Can Spike Prime deliver the power created from renewable sources to cover the demand? How much energy will it need from Oil, Gas and Coal? Pupils will meet the latest Lego Robot – Spike Prime, to help deliver energy around the city. Pupils will learn about the importance of using renewable energy resources in the bid to reduce carbon emissions and then discover how to programme Spike, to move around the city and deliver the necessary energy bricks.

This workshop can be used as an introduction the First Lego League.

90 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 24

Rollercoaster Racers

In teams students work together engineering the ultimate rollercoaster in this fun, hands-on workshop. They must construct and test a Knex rollercoaster with all the characteristics that will make it an irresistible ride – thrills, duration and speed!

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32


Our forensic lab explorations bring genetics and electrophoresis to life, showing students the tangible impact of scientific principles in crime-solving. This workshop is suitable for pupils in Year 8-Year 10. (Aged 11-14 years.)

50 minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32

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