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At W5, our Learning and Engagement team are passionate about bringing subjects to life. Offering a rich and unique learning environment for all classes and groups, our team provides the best possible educational experience with interactive workshops for pupils, open days for learning providers and much more!

Take a look at just some of the amazing opportunities we have for schools and groups this October.

Education Open Day

Saturday 1 October

Join the Learning and Engagement Team for a FREE Open Day for you and your family to enjoy on Saturday 1 October. By attending the open day, your school will be eligible for 10% off one education booking which can be used anytime before end of March 2023.

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1100x620 Education Open Day

Workshops at W5

All W5's workshops are connected to the curriculum, covering a wide range of themes and gives your students the chance to explore a topic in more depth, supported by our Learning and Engagement Team.

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Space Week

Space Week

4 – 10 October 2022

Join the team at W5 as we celebrate Space Week with some special space themed workshops:

Space Race (KS1)

Discover what it takes to put people into space and give your class the opportunity to design and launch their own air-powered rocket. This is a dramatic competition that would put Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to shame.

50-minute workshop. Maximum number of participants: 32.

The cost of this workshop and a visit to W5 is £5.50. Please note that participating schools in Greater Belfast area may be able to get FREE TRANSPORT for these activities.

Destination Space (KS2 and KS3)

Satellites are the unseen heroes of modern life. They can stop you getting lost, and they can stop you getting wet. They track climate change and even look for new forms of life, deep in outer space. Without them, your smartphone wouldn’t be so smart! But how much do we know about this army of orbiting eyes in the sky? In this workshop we will learn more about what satellites are and how they get up there. Then, just like a satellite, we’ll do some coding and get hands-on experience in radio communications!

90-minute workshop. Number of participants can be varied depending on delivery location.

For further information on our seasonal workshops and to register your class, please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Maths Week

Maths Week

20 – 21 October

Join the team at W5 as we celebrate Maths Week with special events aimed at promoting positive attitudes towards maths, helping to advance the understanding of the subject, its impact on our world and most importantly, making maths fun and accessible!

Join us to celebrate Maths Week at one of our shows with your Key Stage 2 class. These events are FREE for participating schools (including a visit to W5). Please note that participating schools in Greater Belfast area may be able to get FREE TRANSPORT for these activities.

For further information regarding Maths Week and to register your interest, please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Do you have a team of young people interested in coding and STEM?

FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge is a global STEM programme which aims to encourage an interest in real-world themes and develop key skills in young people.

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FIRST® Tech Challenge

First Tech Challenge

Registration is now open for this year's FIRST® Tech Challenge.

Take part in this season’s FIRST Tech Challenge UK. Teams are challenged to supercharge their skills in POWERPLAY℠ sponsored by Raytheon Technologies, as they crank up their innovative ideas in an energy-driven game to take on tomorrow’s challenges. This season’s theme focuses on UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal #7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

Meeting weekly, teams of up to 15 young people, aged 12-18, design a robot to take on a global challenge. Supported by a mentor, the team develop technical knowledge like coding, learn about engineering and design principles, whilst building soft skills.

Full and partial bursaries are available for new teams based on successful application.

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