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Do you know what makes an energy source renewable? How do we use energy in the human body? Discover this, and more about energy in all its forms, in our Energise zone.

Find out about the WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy of Energise and the fascinating facts you can discover in this zone.

5 Things You Can Learn in the Energise Zone

1. Energy in the Human Body

You are an energy transformer. Your body uses energy in food to keep you alive, power your brain and move about. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which boosts your mood and reduces your perception of pain. Your body takes in extra oxygen so it can generate more energy for your muscles and also get rid of carbon dioxide. Sweat glands in the skin release sweat as the temperature of the body increases. The sweat evaporates, removing heat energy from the skin.

1100x620 Exercise machines in Energise

2. What is Nuclear Fusion?

Inside the Sun are billions of hydrogen atoms that are constantly smashing together and combining into larger helium atoms. This process is called nuclear fusion and generates huge amounts of energy as heat and light. Nuclear Fusions take place at the Sun's core where temperatures can reach 15,000,000 Celsius.

1100x620 The Sun

3. How Fireworks Get Their Colour

Did you know that 'salts' are used to give fireworks their colours? These salts are compounds of metals and other chemical elements. When a firework explodes, the salts burn. Each salt releases a different amount of energy and we see the different energy levels as differences in colour. Head down to W5's Energise zone to find out which 'salts' create certain colours.

1100x620 Fireworks

4. Renewable Energy

The sun, wind and waves are all renewable energy resources. It's important to develop renewable resources to replace fossil fuels like coal and gas. Fossil fuels are running out and cannot generate enough electricity to meet increasing global demand. They also give off polluting gases and contribute to climate change.

1100x620 Wind Turbines 2

5. How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made of two layers of silicone. When sunlight hits the top layer, spare electrons in the silicon get a burst of energy and move into the bottom layer. The moving electrons are what create electricity.

1100x620 Solar Panels

The Who What Where When Why of Energise

W5 Energise Zone

WHO is Energise for?

Whether a little explorer, big kid or somewhere in between, there is something for everyone in W5's electric Energise zone.

WHAT exhibits can you explore in Energise?

Energise is home to some of our electrifying exhibits. Take a look at some of our highlights below:

Design, create and launch your own fireworks! Discover the reactions that happens when a firework explodes, the different 'salts' used to colour a firework along with bond breaking and bond making.

Musical Tesla Coil
Listen to our bespoke Musical Tesla Coil, which produces sounds by modulating its spark output.

Feel the Burn
Power our batteries by getting physical on our exercise machines and generate kinetic energy.

Fireworks Exhibit at W5

    WHERE can you find Energise?

    Energise can be found on the second floor of W5, along with the Marvellous Machine, Move It and Over the Hills and Far Away zones.

    WHEN can you visit Energise?

    Energise is a permanent exhibit at W5 and can be explored any time W5 is open to the public. You can view our opening hours here.

    WHY should you explore the Energise zone?

    Jam-packed full of energy-themed exhibits, Energise challenges you to use your own physical powers to bring exhibits to life. Discover how the world around us is powered, the importance of renewable energy sources and why it is vital to continue developing them.

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    Feeling Inspired?

    With 8 fun-filled zones and over 250 hands-on exhibits, W5 is here to help inspire curious minds and answer a world of questions. What will you discover?

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