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Training in transport

How does a rocket get off the ground?

How do you keep a cargo ship balanced?

Planes, trains, automobiles, ships, rockets and everything in between feature in our brand-new Move It zone.

Try your hands at a series of hands-on experiments that explore real-life engineering challenges relating to the motorsport and transport industries.

From designing, building, and testing your very own model race car and racing it on our racetrack, to launching rockets and parachutes - there's something here for budding engineers and those that just like to make things move.

Be sure to look up to check out a massive 45-foot catamaran suspended from the ceiling. One of the fastest yachts on the planet, made using unique hydrofoil technology, the AC45 vessel is on loan from Artemis Technologies, the world’s leading high-performance maritime design and applied technologies company, based here in Belfast.

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Zone Highlights

Formula 1 Car

Learn about how peak performance is achieved by racing car drivers in our full-size projection mapped Formula 1 car.

Lift Off!

Try your hand at launching your own rocket in our custom made rocket launcher, learning about the physics of flight in the process.

Let's Race

Build, test and race your own racing car on our race car.

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