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Packed full of hands-on exhibits powered by clever cogs, amazing airways, super springs and everything in between, see the world of mechanical engineering come to life in W5's Marvellous Machine zone.

Find out the WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy of Marvellous Machine and the fascinating facts that can be discovered in this zone.

5 things you can learn in the Marvellous Machine zone

1. Pneumatics in Action

Pneumatic machines use pressurised air to lift, push and pull and can be very useful in everyday life. Examples of these machines include bicycle pumps, paint sprayers, road drillers, exercise machines and more!

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2. The Importance of Levers

Levers are a vital part of everyday life and can be very helpful in many industries, including construction, as they make loads easier to lift. A longer lever makes the load feel lighter. As the distance increases, you need less force to move the object. Did you know, human bodies have levers too! Your bones act as levers to support the weight of your body and the objects you lift.

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3. Moving Air

When you hit a pipe, you make the air inside it vibrate. It is these vibrations that make the sounds we hear! Big instruments make slow deep-sounding vibrations while smaller instruments tend to make a high-pitch vibration. You can test this out for yourself at our Good Vibrations exhibit in Marvellous Machine.

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4. The Archimedes' Screw

The Archimedes' Screw is used to move water, grain, rocks and soil. As the screw turns it carries the load up a spiral path. It's named after the Greek scientist Archimedes. On a visit to Egypt he saw this simple machine being used beside the River Nile and wrote about how it works. See an Archimedes' Screw in action in our Marvellous Machine zone!

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5. How Air is Used to Move Items

Air is made up of tiny particles that are constantly moving and bumping into things. When particles collide with each other, they push with a tiny amount of energy. If we increase either the speed or number of particles in a space, this leads to more collisions between them and an increase in pressure. The force that these compressed particles have can be used to move, push and pull. Test this for yourself with our Amazing Airways exhibit.

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The Who What Where When Why of Marvellous Machine

Marvellous Machine zone at W5

WHO is Marvellous Machine for?

Big kids, little explorers and everyone in between can marvel at W5's Marvellous Machine!

WHAT exhibits can you explore in Marvellous Machine?

Marvellous Machine is home to some of our most popular exhibits. Take a look at some of our highlights below.

Amazing Airways
Feed a colourful cloth into the Amazing Airways - a maze of pneumatic tubes - and use the handles to change its route. Will you choose the correct path?

Heavy Lifting
Take a seat in one of our three pulley chairs and try lifting yourself up by pulling the rope. Is it easier to pull yourself up on some of the chairs than others?

Ready for Launch
Try out our tennis ball launcher, which uses a bowling ball to make a tennis ball fly!

WHERE can you find Marvellous Machine?

Our Marvellous Machine zone can be found on the second floor of W5, along with the Energise, Move It and Over the Hills and Far Away zones.

WHEN can you visit Marvellous Machine?

Marvellous Machine is a permanent exhibit and can be explored when we are open. Take a look at our opening hours here.

WHY should you explore the Marvellous Machine zone?

W5's Marvellous Machine zone brings learning to life with an array of interactive and fun-filled exhibits that excite and inspire. Delve into the exciting word of engineering and discover how the world works around us.

Check Out Marvellous Machine in Action

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