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Do you know how an airplane stays in the air? What keeps a heavy ship afloat in the water? Delve into the world of transport and engineering in W5's Move It zone. Try your hand at a series of interactive experiments that explore the real-life challenges relating to the motorsport and engineering industries.

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5 Things You Can Learn in Move It

1. How do airplanes stay in the air?

Did you know there are four forces that keep a plane in the air? These are lift, weight, thrust and drag. The way air moves around the wings gives the plane lift. Weight is the force that pushes the plane downwards. Airplanes are built so that weight is spread evenly from front to back. Thrust is the force that moves an airplane forward while drag slows the plane.

1100x620 Airplane

2. Aerodynamics of a Formula 1 car

The large front and rear wings of an F1 car act like upside-down airplane wings, creating a downforce over four times the actual weight of the car, helping the tyres grip the track. The dramatic sweeping bodywork smooths airflow over the car to increase speed, sucks air into the engine, and minimises turbulent 'dirty air' that affects other racers close behind.

1100x620 W5 Movie it Zone F1 Car

3. The science of floating

Have you ever wondered how a cargo ship piled high with containers is able to float? Ships are enormous steel vessels however, they are not solid pieces of steel. Rather they are hollowed-out shells where lots of components can be found including the engine, fuel and cargo. Most importantly, air is found inside, helping the ship to float in the water. Air is much less dense than water, helping to keep the ship afloat.

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4. What is a Gyroscope

A gyroscope is a device that can be used to tell when a moving object has changed direction. The wheels on a bicycle work like a gyroscope. When the wheels are spinning quickly, they keep you and your bicycle upright. As the wheels slow down, gravity becomes stronger than the gyroscopic effect. If you don't put your feet down, you start to wobble.

1100x620 W5 Move It Zone Blog Bicycle

5. The importance of aerofoils

Aerofoils are used by airplanes to create lift. In Formula 1 cars, a reversed aerofoil shape helps to push down rather than lift up, improving the tyres contact with the driving surface.

1100x620 W5 Move It Zone Blog Airplane Wing

The Who What Where When Why of Move It

W5's Move It Zone

WHO is Move It for?

From little kids to adults, and the young at heart, Move It has something for everyone.

WHAT exhibits can you explore in Move It?

Move It is home to some of W5's most popular exhibits. Take a look at some of the highlights below:

Formula 1 Car
Learn about how peak performance is achieved by racing car drivers in our full-size projection mapped Formula 1 car.

Lift Off
Try your hand at launching your own rocket in our custom made rocket launcher, learning about the physics of flight in the process.

Let's Race
Build, test and drive your own racing car on our race car.

Artemis Technologies Catamaran
Be sure to look up in Move It and see a huge 45-foot Catamaran suspended from the ceiling. Made using unique hydrofoil technology, this AC45 vessel is one of the fastest yachts on the planet and is currently on loan from Artemis Technologies.

W5's Move It Zone

WHERE can you find Move It?

Move It can be found on the second floor of W5, along with the Marvellous Machine, Energise and Over the Hills & Far Away zones.

WHEN can you visit Move It?

Move It is a permanent zone at W5 and can be explored any time W5 is open to the public. View our opening hours here.

WHY should you explore the Move It zone?

From designing and testing your own race car, launching a rocket and flying a plane, there is something for all budding engineers in W5's Move It zone. Try your hands at an array of different interactive exhibits that explore real-life engineering challenges relating to the transport industry.

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With 8 fun-filled zones and over 250 hands-on exhibits, W5 is here to help inspire curious minds and answer a world of questions. What will you discover?

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