W5 LIFE Post Primary School

At Dream Space, we have designed an experience for post-primary school students where fun and learning are in equal focus.

Students will experience how to apply key 21st-century skills to solve challenges and brainstorm the use of technology to help people and society.

Post-Primary Activities

Activities will be a mixture of unplugged and plugged such as Minecraft: Education Edition, MakeCode Arcade, Micro:Bit and Engineering challenges.

The Dream Space team will choose activities based on your classes' previous knowledge or experience and are happy to discuss anything you would like to cover. Activities that could be covered:

  • Post-primary Engineering Challenge
  • Post-primary Minecraft Education Edition
  • Post-primary Coding

Post-Primary Engineering Challenge

This session will focus on introducing the core STEM competencies of engineering through both unplugged and plugged activities. Students will learn what engineering does. Students will work individually and in groups to complete activities and will explore the application of engineering in the everyday world.


In this session, students will be introduced to a Minecraft world where they will explore and build around the topics. Such as:

  • Active Citizen World – Where you will explore the world through the eyes of 4 Nobel Prize winners. You will also build your own passionate cause.

Coding (Post Primary)

Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of coding through block-based coding. Students will code through different devices depending on their level. From simple small computers to advanced video game creation. Activities could include:


Students will be introduced to BBC Micro:bits, a pocket-sized computer which shows how hardware and software work together. After being introduced to coding concepts such as inputs, outputs and logic, students will be challenged to design a way to solve real-world problems.


Using their imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills, students will design and create their very own retro video game. Using some simple coding, they will create not only their characters but also the story and rules for their game.


Students will be introduced to Sphero Bolt, a small programmable robot. After some activities to enforce the importance of how code is written, they will be challenged to programme their Sphero to complete different tasks and challenges.

Python (Advanced)

If students have had previous experience of coding, we can complete any of the above activities (Micro:bit, Arcade or Sphero) using text-based programming, such as Python. Students will learn the simple concepts of how to use text-based programming, such as inputs, outputs and logic.

Checklist of Requirements

Things to note before you sign your class up for the Dream Space Academy. Please carefully read the below before proceeding to book:

  • To ensure that as many schools as possible get an opportunity to experience Dream Space, the maximum number of classes in your school that can participate is one class.
  • The maximum number of students who can participate in Dream Space is 32. If your group is slightly larger than this, please contact us.
  • Dream Space is free of charge, but you must arrange for transport to W5 LIFE in Belfast.
  • Please note that a visit to Dream Space does not include entry to W5's exhibition galleries. For information about visiting W5, please enquire here.

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