Did you know, Dream Space at W5 LIFE offers free STEM-focused workshops? Join us with your education partner school and get hands-on in an engaging and collaborative environment.

We welcomed Millquarter Primary School and Groggan Primary School to Dream Space at W5 LIFE as part of their shared education trip.

During their visit, we introduced the two classes to the wonders of STEM! Open conversation allowed the pupils to share their ideas and knowledge of engineering with the group. At Dream Space, the student voice is essential, encouraging schools and pupils to share their opinions and insights.

Take a look at what the pupils got up to on their visit to W5 LIFE.

The Civil Engineers Challenge

Having shared their knowledge with each other, the pupils were tasked to see if they had what it takes to become a civil engineer.

Before the construction began, our learning specialists created smaller groups that consisted of pupils from the different schools.

The groups started to build their skyscraper, making it as tall as possible and using only the materials provided. This hands-on activity offered the opportunity for the schools to collaborate, plan, and problem-solve as a team. This challenge gave the pupils valuable life skills in resilience and collaboration.

1100x620 W5 LIFE Civil Engineering

Software Engineering

As one of the fastest-growing industries, software engineering is a vital part of the world we live in today.

Pupils learnt to code using BBC micro:bits, a pocket-sized computer that is designed to inspire creative thinking in children.

Students were tasked with coding a BBC micro:bit to act as a warning system to alert others of a dangerous natural disaster.

This activity encouraged inclusive thinking, the importance of being mindful of others, and how to create a device for the common good of helping the world around us.

1100x620 W5 LIFE microbit

The Dream Space values are designed to empower and encourage pupils to become active in their own education. Throughout the day, the pupils fostered new friendships and continued learning outside the classroom in an interactive environment.

Is your school planning a shared education trip?

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