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    STEM Hub
    STEM Clubs

    STEM Club Overview

    W5, Northern Ireland’s award-winning science and discovery centre are supporting the national drive to create STEM Clubs in schools throughout Northern Ireland. This is a nation-wide initiative to encourage more post-primary schools to support extra-curricular STEM activities.

    STEM Clubs give pupils the opportunity to do something different from normal classroom activities –they are not restricted by the curriculum, nor should they be confused with homework clubs.

    Clubs can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be cross-curricular or focus on a single subject within STEM. Participating pupils can enjoy the application of what they are interested in by taking part in practical experiments, investigation, discussion and reflection.

    Many schools across Northern Ireland already have various clubs and societies already established offering pupils the opportunity to explore subject areas such ICT, Eco & Environmental issues, Maths, Science, Technology in fun, interactive and innovative ways. These may not be specifically referred to as a STEM Club but under this umbrella they will all qualify for support.

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